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28/04/2005 14:58:05   cassie   Hi thanks Max, Ian b , and Tom K thanks for your reply if I want to change my shocks on my 1976L, is it possible if their shorter, and what can you recommend to replace them with? My friends complain about their backs. I am however soo in love with my car.
01/05/2005 18:59:08   Max   When using shorter shock absorbers you also got to use shorter springs of coarse (cutting them is a possibility). The length of the springs has always been the same, but not the strength.

I have in my Saab at the moment Girling shocks and they seem to be rather good, but not very stiff. Maybe adjustable shocks would be good for you, too. --> See the concerning thread below.  
02/05/2005 07:49:45   Richard   If the shocks are too short you will get less droop. There will be some travel in reserve as the bump stops kick in. You dont need shorter springs, this will only lower the ride height and stiffen the spring very slightly. The bump stops and check straps limit the travel. You could end up with a short shock limiting the droop before the check strap and front droop stop (under upper wishbone)which would put extra load on the shock mount and kill the shock absorber (damper) as they are not ment to come to a sudden halt with the spring load on them.  
03/05/2005 18:36:55   Alistair   Standard shockers are so easy to source, why would you fit shorter ones???

Unless you mean shorter springs? In which case, unless they are REALLY short, then standard length shockers should be fine.  

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