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03/05/2005 16:50:52   Rens   Hello, like some of you know i'm working on my saab 96.
Now i've read a lot and just wanted to sum up all the things i've read just to make sure they are right.

You can lower your saab 96, just chop 1 coil (turn,twists) of your springs. and then you can drive it with normal shocks.
but it will dance a litle bit on the road.

Second option. Take rear saab 95 springs chop them and put them infront of your 96. and normal shocks.
Stiffer then the normal chopped 96 but still dances a little bit because of the springs

Then you can do both as desciped above and use Avo or Spax, there isn't much difference between those brands. You can get Avo's for 100pound (avo website).

But for normal road use and just for better looks and just a little bit more fun to drive. You can just chop your 96 springs???

hope this is right and it helps some people looking for the same thing as me!
04/05/2005 10:19:14   Jon   I would like a pair of new rear springs (the fronts can be bought at the Svenska Saabklubben), does anybody know where I could get them? They'd be for a fast road setup. Jack Ashcroft?
04/05/2005 12:32:45   Richard   Coil springs UK in Sheffield will make up what ever you want, they have most data for most cars. I think they work out at about 80 a pair. The rally springs are about 380lb/in, I dont know what the standard fronts are, but at a guess they are under 280lb/in. Something like 320lb/in should be Ok at the front with 95 rears on the back.
Rens: buy a set of dampers first and see how you go. I have never see anyone fit 95 rear springs to the front, they are still a lighter spring than the front springs. I have seen 95 springs cut and put on the rear of a lighter 96 to stiffen it up.  
04/05/2005 16:20:11   bill rawles   Hi Rens.

Keep front springs on the front and rear springs on the rear, they are definately not interchangable. 95 rears are ok on a 96 to stiffen the back end.

Try lowering your car by 1/2 coil to start with. This will make it stiffer, look better but not be too impractical. Add a decent set of dampers and your car will be great.

You don't need the Saab special tool to compress the fronts, a set of normal coil spring compressors will do but be very very careful with a compressed spring, if it lets go there is enough stored energy in there to badly hurt you as the spring or the compressors fly about.

I don't know if you have an equivalent of 'Machine Mart' where you are but if not have a look at item 040211224, these are the type of thing you need and not expensive (26 in the UK, they do an export service).  

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