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03/05/2005 19:01:55   Alistair   There are different types of tacho, or at least there used to be, and some were more complicated than you describe (why????) but most are just as you describe, except you don't need to connect to the -ve pole of the battery, just earth it on the dashboard mounts. You might have an extra wire for power to the bulb - take from the dash dimmer/rheostat.

It's a 10 minute job - you just need to find somewhere to mount it (on the steering column, between speedo & fuel/temp gauge is best IMO)  
03/05/2005 19:33:04   Rens   The type you buy in a tuning shop.
I think this is the type that's just that easy.
now, because i'm not english, can you describe where the coile is??? (*shame*)

i was planning on building an totally new dash, for more of an rally look and wheigth issu. I was thinking only the bare nessity. In a metal plate mounted behind the steeringwheel. Should look cool and loose some wheight.  
03/05/2005 20:06:15   Rens   I know where the coile is..
no wonder i didn't know what it was. We here in holland call it a "bobine"
that's a totaly different word :)  
04/05/2005 12:37:13   Richard   Tims use to make a cheap pod Tacho/rev counter/RPM gauge.  

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