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04/05/2005 14:10:22   Rens   Hi everybody.

I was fideling a little bit with my springs. I thought it would be an easy job... i was wrong.
Can anybody tell me how to remove an front spring without any of the (expensive) specialist tools?

04/05/2005 14:12:18   Max   If you are a madman you can remove the upper ball joint and bolts and hope that the spring doesn't hit YOU! ;-)

I did it with an universal spring removal tool. Price approx. 50. It works just fine.  
04/05/2005 16:22:09   bill rawles   Rens. I have put a reply in the 'lowering' thread that will help you here.  
04/05/2005 16:44:26   Richard   Buy some compressors it is the only safe way to do it.

Just out of interest Saab works mechanics use to strap them up and cut them in half with a cutting torch to get them off. The replacement was pre-compressed and strapped up, they put them in possition and cut the straps. Job done in minutes!  
04/05/2005 19:35:20   Rens   Don't need to buy them, my brother works at a dealer. I can borrow theirs for a couple of hours.

Thanks for the reply's

I was just hoping that i could do the job today.  

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