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07/05/2005 07:41:34   paul   Hi all
Im giving the car a respray this summer, and to get into all the nooks and crannies i was going to take the front and rear glass out. This is the first time ive done this and i was wondering, does anyone know if it's possible to re-use the rubbers, or will new ones be needed? I was looking at Jack Ashcrafts site and new ones seem a bit on the steep side...  
07/05/2005 15:42:15   john   Hi Paul,

I had my windows out for respray last year I reused the old ones without any problems, the back one was a little awkward to refit but still did not take long.

08/05/2005 18:11:19   paul   cheers john,
did you do it yourself ok, or is it wise to get removal and refiting done by a pro?
08/05/2005 19:21:56   john   I did it myself with a hand from a friend who has done one before, I am sure I was quoted about 50 to have them both refitted by a mobile service, and ended up deciding to give it a go.

Cheers Jonny  
08/05/2005 21:46:34   David   I have been told - by someone who has done it - that screen rubbers can be "reconditioned" by putting them in the washing machine with some pure soap flakes (not the normal bio or non-bio powders!) and setting it to a medium wash. Best to wait until the wife is out of the house for a few hours, methinks! Haven't tried it yet but planning to give it a go.  
09/05/2005 13:26:51   Steve H   Ive done this job and its not a problem using the old rubbers. Bit of fiddle and the pros use a string to flip up the lip, but I did it without. It has still not leaked after 5 years. Just take it slow.  
09/05/2005 14:12:53   jonny   I used a thin rope for fitting mine, I used copious fairy liquid on the back one but I am not sure it was really needed. Jonny  
09/05/2005 15:14:31   paul   cheers guys
did anyone use any kind of sealent between the rubber and glass/body, or is the rubber good enough to keep out water by itself  

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