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11/05/2005 21:06:57   callum   looking for a 96 for my girlfriend or maybe a 95. prefer with unleaded conversion would be interested if anyone can point me in the right direction. I have about 1000. and don;'t mind a few dents or some mechanical work needing done. must be solid. no chassis rot or hanging arches, . for babies too so hs to be safe. thanks in advance. callum  
24/05/2005 09:13:53   Mel   Hi Callum
We have a customer who has asked us to sell his car.
SAAB 96 V4 1971 (tax exempt) MOT & tax till end of year.
The car has been welded in the past ( the floorpan has had new panels and looks very good ) runs & drives great but does need some TLC (really needs love and not a lot of money to make a very presentable car )
The owners daughter no longer wants the car and he does not have the space to store it.
He wants 750.00 ( we think the car is well worth the asking price ) The car is on our premises and can be viewed in business hours and we can send pictures if you want.  

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