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13/05/2005 17:05:00   cassie   hi, great site,
I want to change the oil on my saab 1976L a 17,000 engine, my last saab ( may she rest in peace, caught fire!) Can I use the same oil filter - 15,000 engine, or do I need to buy a another one also what spark plugs should I use on the 1976L.
13/05/2005 17:44:03   Senor Burt   It's the same oil filter. Also same as 99 & 900 I think.

Plugs are NGK BP6ES. Don't know numbers for other brands. The car shop will be able to identify equivilants though.  
16/05/2005 07:54:06   Richard   Same as the Saab 99, 900 etc. You can get them from Europarts, Saab main dealers or Saab specialists.  

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