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17/05/2005 10:00:23   Senor   Has no-one got a wing for me? Help! Please!  
17/05/2005 12:44:17   Richard   That brings back memories of my white car. I got my repair panels and sills from Graham McDonald. I pressed my own floor for one side of the car using two back to back angles and a hammer. Then a piece of ash shaped to the ribs and front production line mount was used (male and female side of mould) and compressed in a vice.
Can you repair the rear wing otherwise go for a good or repairable orginal wing, if they have been on a car before then they should fit better than a pattern wing. You may need a wing to help line up any repairs to the 1/4 panel.
Enjoy repairing the section above the wing, its hard to stop the metal distoring, although you can get a lump of metal through one of the inner skin holes, so you can hammer it from the out side. Also pull the head linning out of the way at the rear, one spark and it goes up like touch paper.
Sills can be made by using two long 2-3mm back to back angles in a vice with G clamps. You need to hit the 16 swg metal with a hammer along its length using the angles as a fold line.
I fabricated some rear damper mounts out of thicker material and bent up some jacking points without the dirt trap hole in the middle.
If you need some DIY ideas post it here and I will see what I can do.  

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