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24/05/2005 09:32:24   Mel   SPARES DAY, SEPTEMBER 18th 2005 @ HIGHGATE SAABPART
Last year was a great day, but people remarked on the short notice of the event!
Put it in your diaries NOW!
The day will be on a Sunday and open to individuals (free) and traders alike.
Trading from 10.00am and finishing at 4.30pm
Last year we had a couple of traders but no booters!!! come on, we all have a bit of treasure to sell/trade or even give away to another enthusiast who needs it to finish their car!
As we gather more details we will update this post.
Events are getting rarer for spares so please support days like these, either by selling/buying or just turning up. We all need them  
24/05/2005 12:22:50   Richard   I will be down again  
24/05/2005 15:46:02   Alistair   If not on holiday, I'll try to get down.  
24/05/2005 19:33:15   john wyatt   I will definitely try and make this, sounds great  
25/05/2005 13:36:50   Steve H   Damn. It clashes with London Open House weekend and I was hoping to have a couple of buildings open for it.

But I suppose this will protect my wallet.

Hopefully see you next year though.

28/05/2005 12:31:50   David   Good idea, Mel, I will try to make it up from Planet Saab SW (foreign business travel permitting). If it coincides with my son going back to Uni in Wolverhampton, even better! I have a greenhouse, garden shed and two 95V4 "sheds" full of bits and pieces - one of the 95s has been sold so I may get shot of some of the stuff with that. Looking for 3-dr 99T bits, though, so it could be an interesting day.  

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