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25/05/2005 09:19:11   Rob   I have to replace my starter motor. Can anyone give me an idiots guide to doing this. i.e what equipment do I need, what order do I do what etc.  
25/05/2005 12:41:15   Richard   Well is a bugger to get out, but possible. I would put take off the connections one at a time and put some masking tape round them and mark on what they are (you can use a number code 1, 2 etc)then mark up on the new or old starter with a tipex pen the corresponding number/code next to the terminal.
I think its something like a 13mm spaner and a socket on a long extension you will need. There are two fixings, one you need the extension to reach between the starter and the sump, access from underneath the car. The other you can get a spanner or a rachet on to from behind the engine mount from the left hand side of the engine bay.
You have to extract the starter from underneath the front of the car. Its very tight and I carnt remember if I had to drop the exhaust headers off the engine to do it to give a bit more room.  
25/05/2005 17:05:12   john wyatt   An easy way of getting it out is to undo the engine mount and gently raise the engine a little with a block of wood under the sump and a jack, but be careful doing this, I had to do mine a couple of weeks back and it only took about 15-20 minutes, other than the electrics there are two bolts which I think are 15mm, once the engine is raised a bit you can get at them easily with a socket on an extension.  
26/05/2005 07:48:20   Richard   Come to think of it I probably dropped the headers to do what John says and lift the engine a bit. Usually when my starter motor is coming out the engine is too, its a long time since I removed just the starter, but I can remember that it was snowing at the time and the starter motor slid off down the drive!  
26/05/2005 22:39:49   Alistair   Yup, drop the exhaust & lift the engine, otherwise it'll take you bloody ages!  
31/05/2005 13:02:09   Rob   Thanks for the replies.  

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