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26/05/2005 14:09:55   Olga   Hi I am looking for good second hand gas adjustable shocks to fit a 1976L saab 96 V4.
27/05/2005 07:56:44   Richard   Check out Avo dampers, they are not gas filled, but work fine for most things you can do with a V4 and are cheap at around 50 each.  
28/05/2005 12:24:05   David   I was told by a Saab specialist the other day that standard 99 Turbo gas shock work very well on the front of V4s - they compensate for the weight of the engine. When I change my 99T's fronts for uprated ones (planning to lower it a little bit in the near future when I have the cash) I may put the others (not very old) on the 95V4 and see how they go.  
28/05/2005 12:24:40   David   PS: you can often get new shocks on ebay for less than the price of s/h ones!  
31/05/2005 12:44:37   Richard   I tried to get some Billy 99T dampers and no body seems to stock them apart from forest spec items.  
31/05/2005 15:56:46   simon   Don't ever use second hand shocks!

99 Gas shocks are great - been running over a year on em.  

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