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27/05/2005 15:58:21   jonny   I am looking for ideas on where to mount some front speakers, I am not going to cut the door panels, has anyone ever tried mountngin them into the little buckets?,

any ideas appreciated.  
27/05/2005 16:17:39   Senor Burt   I took the buckets out and mounted pod speakers in their place.  
27/05/2005 17:00:29   Alistair   I used to prefer those naff wedge speakers that boy racers bolted to their Nova parcel shelves, chucked under the front seats. If I was feeling like doing the job properly I'd even screw them to the floor (!)  
28/05/2005 22:22:17   john wyatt   The naff wedge ones are hard to come by nowadays, thanks for the ideas.  
31/05/2005 12:41:34   Richard   Those buckets are right useful went your hose blows and you need to fill the rad with water from a lake.
Could try em were Al says or maybe under the dash.  
01/06/2005 00:00:56   Alistair   You could always make up a mount from sheet ally or even MDF to put some parcel shelf-mounted speakers under the seats ;-)  
01/06/2005 13:26:00   Steve H   What's wrong with cutting the door panels? It is the obvious place, there is plenty of space, it looks neat and the hardboard is normally rotten anyway.  
01/06/2005 16:40:25   john wyatt   My door panels are the best I have had an I am loath to put holes in them, as you say they are usually rotten but the ones I have are good.

02/06/2005 11:26:35   Andrew   Hmmm I think I have naff wedge ones proudly mounted on my rear parcel shelf - but they are genuine 1970s so they're staying there (all I need now is a radio - apparently speakers work much better with one of those)  
02/06/2005 16:35:12   71sonett   I used to have the following setup in my 96:

Front: 2 x 25mm tweeters + 1 x 25mm center speaker all surface mount (easy for installation and removal).
Rear: 2 x 10" MTX subwoofers, 2 x 5" two-way Clarion speakers. The system was powered by a clarion 4 x 50 watts Clarion amplifier and the subs had their very own 2 x 300 watts rms MTX amplifier.

Except for the 3 small tweeters there was nothing you could see of the system. The volume it produced was just epic, alltough sound staging was poor (almost no mid-tones in the front and to much mid and high tones in the back of the car).  
02/06/2005 23:31:40   Tom   andrew would u like a radio to go with your car? i have one i could sell to you. It is a proper saab one and maybe the sort you are looking for. Can take a pic and email it to you if ur interested  

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