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04/02/2003 21:44:24   Alistair Philpott   Got a query from someone the other day about sourcing rear wheel cylinders for V4s and I recall there is an Austin or BL part readily available which will fit provided you drill another hole in the backing plate for the locking tab to fit in.
Can anyone refresh my memory as to which car it's from?
05/02/2003 09:50:59   Alec   Hi Alistair

If I remember correct the mini clubman one is the same but with the lock pin on the opposite side. However, I had no problem getting the correct ones for the 96 from my local motor factor the other day for around 6.

Don't forget also that the 95 and 96 had a different bore size.

07/02/2003 13:56:56   Steve H   I have mini ones fitted in one of my 96s and yes, you have to drill the backplate beacause the locating pin is on the other side, but this is easily done. However... as the boresize is smaller, the rear brake are more affective so making it easy to lock up the rear wheels. You notice this especially when setting off after not using the car for a few days before the front pads clean the disks.  
13/02/2003 14:56:54   Senor Burtold de Cokain   As far as I know the pin is not on the other side. You must have just fitted them the on the wrong side.  
21/02/2003 20:56:03   Alistair Philpott   Thanks guys, my memory's not as bad as I thought!  

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