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01/06/2005 13:46:53   Rob   Is there a way to adjust the freewheel so it doesn't come in quite so quickly. I sometimes find myself coasting around corners where I should be driving and there are times when I want to get away quick from a roundabout for example and just end up with lots of revs but no drive.  
01/06/2005 14:37:56   Senor Burt   No. Just get used to using the clutch when you have to. Hard acceleration through the gears doesn't do it much good. SAAB said only to use it on downshifts, but we know better.  
01/06/2005 16:37:19   Richard   You need to to get use to when the freewheel will take up the drive. Basically if the engine revs are below the speed the car is rolling in its given gear you will free wheel (if that makes sense).
Bring the revs up slowly when you enter a corner so you can get on the power coming out without snatching the transmission. You will get use to it to the point you will be able to bring the power up from tick over quickly to match your speed without snatching the transmission.  
02/06/2005 15:07:02   Rob   Thanks I shall persevere and try and anticipate the roundabouts a bit better.  
02/06/2005 18:28:54   ian   try left foot braking...or roll your foot on brake and gas to keep free wheel locked...  
03/06/2005 07:52:01   Richard   Anyone seen Ian on two wheels in his 96? Treats it like that and doesnt let the wife unlock the door incase the lock barrel breaks! Back up to Oulton this year Ian?  
11/06/2005 17:53:45   ian   not sure about oulton...lots on that same weekend...actually getting the stroker ready for rally in two weeks time, first after re-build, hope its a good idea  
13/06/2005 10:04:15   Alistair   Good luck Ian ! Look after that mirror will you, you've seen how expensive they are getting ;-)  
13/06/2005 13:05:02   Richard   Its taken 7 months to go back to rallying after retiring the car last summer. You need cars like I used for rallying dented!  
13/06/2005 19:47:20   ian   i know i know...7 months is a long time in motorsport...exhaust (sump?) guard fitted discs and mintex pads on...nearly there...  
15/06/2005 12:39:23   Andrew   I really should get someone to demonstrate how to use the freewheel - I just keep my left foot well clear of the mystery lever at the moment  
15/06/2005 13:44:45   Senor Burt   Just take your foot off the accelerator, change gear without using the clutch and bring in the throttle gently until the drive is taken up again. It's easy!  
23/06/2005 21:05:05   ian   well its ready to rally again...last minute preps and all should be ok on sunday...will let you know how it goes...  

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