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06/06/2005 09:40:14   tom. k   I've just put the engine back in my 96, Everything worked fine before removal. Now none of the electrics work, theres no power when the key is turned (no ingition lights) Check earths, battery, coil, volt reg, alternator, (swoped the with spares, not alternator though) could it be the starter motor solenoid? Really don't have an ideas.

Any pointers would be great
06/06/2005 12:14:55   Alistair   Do none of the electrics work at all? Not even side lights etc? If so is your battery flat?!

If just the ignition, then is the earth strap from the engine to the body OK?  
06/06/2005 12:38:48   Richard   check the earth strap from the battery -ve is on to clean bear metal. Like wise check the positive connection is connected correctly.  
06/06/2005 13:08:50   tom. k   Theres no power to anything! The battery is good even if it wasn't great it should still at least allow somethings to sort of work.

Checked and clean the earth strap, How could the postive connection not be connecte properly?

Really confused!  
06/06/2005 14:03:01   Steve H   I'm afraid its detective time with a light test probe to see how far your positive current flows. (Start at the battery!)  
06/06/2005 14:29:48   tom. k   Arh pants, hoped it would be a quick solution!

06/06/2005 17:57:55   mark   Yep check pants too!  
07/06/2005 08:44:41   tom. k   This could get rude (large skid marks! or something like that). Managed to solve the problem. Found the wire from alternator to fuse box had been pulled out.  

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