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06/06/2005 21:19:46   John A. Berentsen   Hi, I am looking for a website which describes a conversion from the stock spring tensioners on the hatch, to modern gas shocks. I know it is out there, cause I looked at it for 4 weeks ago, but I can't find back to it. Maybe one of you guys have the link? :-) Maybe someone has done the conversion.
07/06/2005 07:53:40   Richard   I will leave this one to Senor Burt, it may be on his web page in the links section.  
07/06/2005 14:47:21   Rens   i thought he ment the spring to open the boot of the car...
that he wanted to change that into a (better) gas spring instead of that spring that opens it now  
07/06/2005 14:53:26   John A. Berentsen   That is correct Rens. I've already solved the suspension part :-)
09/06/2005 11:19:43   John A. Berentsen   I think it was a green 95. I could really use the link for that page, or tips from someone who has done the conversion.

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