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09/06/2005 13:11:49   Sean   Hi, I'm just finishing a few small jobs to get my '75 96 on the road here in Australia, and as the flasher unit is dodgy, I wondered if the standard older-style cylindrical flasher unit can be exchanged with a more modern type? I don't think I'll have a problem getting a standard one (Lucas I think), but thought perhaps I could update it at the same time. Can anyone advise, and if so, what is suitable? Cheers  
09/06/2005 22:16:30   Alex   About any flasher with a 3 point connector side. You need to swap poles in the socket though. Don't remember how anymore, it was years ago when I made such a swap, but it is possible without too much trouble.  
10/06/2005 02:17:38   sean   Thanks Alex. I did try it and nothing worked, but then again I hadn't thought to swap the poles. I'll give that a shot.  

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