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10/06/2005 02:21:31   Sean   Hi, can anyone confirm for me what the part number is for the upper and lower control arm bushes for a 75 96? I found part nos 7184443 and 7163603 online which suit later 99s, classic 900s and apparently 96s (up to '74 it says), but can't confirm if this goes for post '74. I'm not aware of any changes around this time in the front suspension but don't want to go ordering the wrong thing. Any help appreciated.  
10/06/2005 07:57:35   Richard   No there is no change in design. MG B and Midget bushes fit, so I have been told, one ins the lower and the other model the upper.  
10/06/2005 09:59:12   Sean   Thanks Richard - worth keeping in mind next time I go searching for spares. I pressed out the old ones in the lower control arm this morning, and taking a punt that the 7184443 is the correct replacement, I picked up some non-genuine Swedish made equivalents from a local SAAB workshop and they've gone in beautifully.  

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