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13/06/2005 10:23:54   Alistair   I've seen lots of discussion about this over the years, from retro fitting single-point on a 2bbl manifold, to using throttle bodies made from old DCOEs on an S&R manifold, to a full proprietary FI solution such as Weber Alpha. But I'm not aware if anyone has actually DONE it!

Have you fitted fuel injection to a V4?

Do you know of anyone who has?

Can you provide me with details & pics if possible?

Looking for material to use in an SOC mag article....

13/06/2005 12:56:59   Richard   Well Al if you want to you can give me £2000 and I will fit throttle bodies and 3d map ecu.  
13/06/2005 13:35:07   paul   actually i think its just a plenum chamber on top  
13/06/2005 15:44:54   Alistair   Rich - no problem mate, consider it done. My daughter has a huge wad of used notes in her play till, from the Bank of ELC - will they do?!  
13/06/2005 16:20:20   Alistair   Burt - Thanks for that link - I've seen the pic in Two Stroke to Turbo but that's all I'd ever seen of the Lucas system.

Paul - thanks for the Green beast link, have mailed Kalle for more info!! There is some in English but not much.  
13/06/2005 17:52:36   Kalle Heikkilä   Yep Alistair, I had your email and I replyed.

And you don't have to learn to talk finnish just to discuss with me, hehh! :)

Yep, It's a HALTECH E6S fuel injection and ignition system with a turbo and some other nice goods too.
I will add an english section at my www-sites as soon as I have some time to do that!

With best regads,

13/06/2005 21:26:50   Alistair   Kalle - thanks! not received your mail yet but could be the SOC's ISP being slow to redirect again...  
14/06/2005 01:08:45   John Wood   email and pics on their way.  
14/06/2005 05:01:13   Kalle Heikkilä   Alistair,
please let me know if that email won't come..... I'll send it again.

/ Kalle  
14/06/2005 07:53:06   Richard   I dont know if Aldon will take than money!
Burt, from memory the fuel inj V6 was pants for tunning and most got rid of the inj and had one of the Holley carb competition manifold fitted.
If you have a twin weber manifold throttle bodies have to be the easiest way of doing now, simiply because of the wealth of experience people have with this set-up.  
14/06/2005 10:44:20   Senor Burt   My idea looks very similar to what Kalle has done with the green beast. Where did that manifold come from Kalle?  
14/06/2005 11:07:52   Kalle Heikkilä   It is "tradiotional" cross flow manifold, but that chamber is custom made.

/ Kalle  
14/06/2005 14:57:58   Kalle Heikkilä   Alistair,
I emailed to your btconnect-address...... not to SOC.  
15/06/2005 10:14:06   Alistair   Kalle, not received yet, could you please try again?

16/06/2005 06:48:41   Kalle Heikkilä   Alistair,
now it should be in your both eml's... :)  
16/06/2005 13:24:53   Alex   Kalle's new setup for the Green Beast is just radical. If it works I think it will set new standards for tuning a V4. To get back to Alistair's initial question, a few years back there was an article in one of the Saab Enthousiast issues about a Danish guy who put a K-Jetronic on the engine of his Sonett. It took a while but I managed to get a copy from that article. I will try to get clearance for publishing it. If that works out I will post it to Alec so that he can put it in the articles gallery. Compared to Kalle's project it is just a milk run.  
16/06/2005 14:40:21   Kalle Heikkilä   =) heheeh!
Yes, my setup will work, there's no doubt. That PC programmable HALTECH motor management system is so superior at my use. Almost same setup was in one racing 96 here, it had way over 300hp at the dyno... and then the clutch exloded! This clutch won't do that =)

Same friend of myne also put a K-Jet on the 96. It was not good setup (don't know why), but we still have that intake manifold here. I think he didn't take any pictures of that setup :(

/ Kalle  
16/06/2005 20:56:25   Alex   Kalle, I saw that you have a gearbox with a cast iron casing, but does it have any other modifications so that it can withstand all that power? Or is a cast iron casing sufficient? Are you still running on standard gears and a 4.88 final drive? It seems such a waste to me when you have so much power available and having to use a gearbox with ratios that were developed for an engine with ± a third of the power you have available. There is a guy in Sweden who claims he made a r/p in 38/9, meaning a final drive of 4.22/1, but unfortunately he kind of abandonded the project for other gear box things for 99s and 900s.  
17/06/2005 05:09:10   Kalle Heikkilä   There's a Special 2 gearset in my box. The ratios are delicious!

Yep, that guy in Sweden is Jörgen Eriksson, and yes, he really makes those longer R&P's. That would be superior for a tuned V4, and we had discussed of that....

In that racing 96 I mentioned, a geabox has NEVER broke! One other friend of my has a 178hp at the WHEELS in his 96, never any problems with gearbox. Have to remember, that Green Beast is a pure streetcar, so I don't drive it rough, I'm very gentle. Have to be!
If it blows, then it blows, so what. Then I fit a VW or Porsche gearbox (and some more boost then!). Hehe :)

17/06/2005 08:02:12   Richard   The only thing I have broken in a V4 box is a crown wheel which had a material defect in it. You do have to watch the pinion bearing backing off, most people who compete also follow a strict service schedule, ie bother to change the gear box oil and make sure the box was built as new to start with. Problems occur if you have a worn box that is still running on oil from the 1970's.  
17/06/2005 08:46:08   Rens   Well Kalle, i'm really looking forward to seeing that setup, en hearing it roar...
Did you do anything to stiffen the chassi so it could take all that extra punishment? cause 300bhp is something more then 65?  
17/06/2005 11:04:40   Kalle Heikkilä   No, I won't take out as much as 300hp. We are looking for something 220-240hp maybe, as the car is my dailydriver it has to work nicely, relatively and smooth.

Suspension is modified hardly (adjustable shocks, 2.25”/57mm race coils, fully adjustable ride height by threads etc.), and the chassis is also reinforced..... but I think chassis would be just fine even without it on the street use, competition use is a bit harder....

17/06/2005 12:58:21   Richard   I like your car Kalle, the fact that it looks std is great. I bet you can have some fun with that sleeper.
Where have you mounted the coil overs? I have always been a bit reluctant to do a conversion unless I can pick up near the spring mounts, or have some serious bracing to the wing.  
17/06/2005 13:36:50   Kalle Heikkilä   :) Hehe, that was my goal to keep it as std outside as possible! Those pictures at my website are scanned, so the paint doesn't show as bright green as it really is, I will add some digital pictures as soon as my project is ready.

Out law is so goofy that I can't make coil-overs at the street use, those springs are at the original places. The same kind of setup is used on my 900 track racer, and it proves that it works just fine.
BUT one friend of myne has installed a coil-overs to his racing 96 (9000T16 engine by the way :)
17/06/2005 14:01:58   Rens   How do you mount a 9000T16 engine in a 96?
a little bit offtopic... but what engine conversions CAN you do with a 96? I found a 96 with a 2.0 with 140bhp and i've head of the 9000T16 conversion and the 900Turbo conversion..  
17/06/2005 14:19:33   paul   hey Kalle, What con rods and pistons are you running in your engine? any idea what compression ration you will be getting?  
20/06/2005 12:49:06   Richard   Have you tried using BMW 2002 rods?  
20/06/2005 13:26:22   Kalle Heikkilä   Nope, because I allready had those at my garage, and brand new pistons also.
To my next turbo engine I will have the con rods custom made for my specs and Wiseco Fulldome pistons.  
20/06/2005 17:28:03   Richard   Thats what I would do, if you are going to a high spec, high output engine you will have spent a fair bit, so you may as well take out the weak points so it dosent go bang. I have seen some nice H pattern forged rods for a V4 and no doubt most of the companies that make forged rods will get you a set. They must use something a bit special in V6 race engines too.  

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