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13/06/2005 13:40:48   jonny   Is anyone from the SAAB-V4 pages taking there 96 along to the national this year?.  
14/06/2005 12:40:39   Richard   I will if I am free. I might trailer the White beast (a bit low geared for motorways) and drive the red std car down.  
14/06/2005 13:38:33   Rens   where is it?  
15/06/2005 10:12:09   Alistair   Staffordshire County Showground, near Stafford.  
15/06/2005 12:28:58   Richard   I suppose I could drive over Buxton, Leak and avoid the Motorway.  
15/06/2005 12:34:33   Andrew   Would my tatty beige beast be laughed out of the event? Will there be only 3 96s there? Are there any events aimed solely at V4 owners?  
15/06/2005 13:41:23   Senor Burt   Naaah. You might get looked at askance if it has any 'non-acceptable' modifications though. I'm sure there will be many more than 3 96's there. Maybe even some 95's! (Not mine though as it's still lacking major bodywork, interior and mechanicals).
I don't think the V4 community in this country is large enough to support an event of its own. There's also the SAAB Enthusiasts Club who are solely dedicated to models no longer in production which includes cars up to and including Vauxhall's comedy 900's. They are a much smaller club however and their events are pretty low-key affairs I think.  
15/06/2005 14:00:21   Andrew   Any mods - acceptable or otherwise - were done by previous owners (that's my story and I'm sticking to it)/ It's fairly standard anyway - room for improvement as they say  
16/06/2005 08:21:43   bill rawles   whats the date of it??  
16/06/2005 12:40:35   Richard   My theory is that most SOC owners dont like doing major work on their cars, so they get something a bit newer that can still be considered a classic ie 900 classic, something more of a tinkering project. Plus they dont like it if a 96 goes blowing past their Turbo.
The SOC has a lot of 'magazine members' that only seem to read the mag and little else. Its about time the club used the revenue from this to promote and subsides events that would then feature as interesting articles in the mag, so both parties benefit. Alot of the events are created by individuals and have to be self sufficient. Get involved with other makes clubs to share events would be interesting, DKW, Volvo, VW spring to mind.
16/06/2005 15:00:31   Andrew   I still recall my one and only SOC event years ago, where I was assured by a rather pompous old-timer that everyone had started out with a 96 and then 'progressed' onto the newer Saabs. The Dubbers seem to have more fun!  
16/06/2005 16:39:06   Alistair   I started out in a 96 and am still planning to go back to one! And I'm not that old (yet) either!!

Don't be put off by the cynicism you read here, most of us are fairly friendly sorts and are happy to see any Saab, new, old, mint or hanging. We don't even bite strangers...!!!

Of course you always get the odd prat in any group of people (look at me!) but no more so than you'd expect...  
16/06/2005 17:06:29   Richard   The Ruby had plenty of 96's, I carnt comment on last year as I was double booked.
To be honest nobody has commented on stuff on any of my cars at Saab meets, most Saabers are very friendly. Just got a comment at the national for seting of too quick in the slime beast. Well it was their idea of quick, I was trying to go as slow as possible without stalling the engine with the 900lb clutch it has. I would let Al have a go in it but he carnt reach the controls and see over the dash, should have eaten your greens when you were little!
I like stuff to do in your car, ie driving tests and a run round or a parade (a race track makes it more interesting). The Ginetta club are having their do at Rockingham, dont know if its combined with lots of other clubs, but you can bet it will feature track time. Other clubs hire Curborough sprint track and run a three lap track season where you que up, do three laps on your own then pull off, the next car then goes on. You can have as many goes as you want. There is a flat grass field and hard standing paddock that can house the normal show stuff.
The Skoda club do one when it is cheap in the winter and it costs 20 a car for a full day.
Some ideas to pass on there Al.

What do people want to see at nationals? Any of the above, formal or informal dinner? Technical stuff by Saab speciallists (a series of talks)? Demonstrations of some of the competition Saabs? Speed dating? Ok but you get the picture.  
17/06/2005 12:54:29   Andrew   28 - 30 July are the dates. No info on the SOC site. It's pretty local so I'm probably going to take the Beige Beast for its first Saab outing. I haven't seen another one on the road since I bought it so it would be good to know there's some more out there and to meet folk from here  
17/06/2005 14:01:21   Alistair   "should have eaten me greens when I was little" - cheeky sod!

I'll have you know I was right tall until 13/14 years old, then half my class overtook me...

Dunno if anyone remembers the National at Gaydon but that was the last time I remember any timed driving events - it's usually difficult to arrange anything competitive due to space, insurance costs and the MSA safety restrictions. I had a ball hurling my (company!) Vectra SRI round the driving test course against the clock and scaring me dad in the process. Utterly crap time but great fun, & even big Erik asked if I was trying to copy his on-the-roof antics ;-)

Organisation of these events is always a bug bear - plenty of people are happy to moan about the format/date/location/etc but not enough actually volunteer to help. Not saying that applies to anyone here but you get my drift.

I think the suggestion of a Curborough event is a cracker, basically like an open pit lane at a track day but with only one car out at a time. The challenge we always have is getting enough interest through the Club for anything competitive/speed related - gotta be worth a crack though, given the success of the Saab track days in the last few years. Rich - you any idea what the total costs were? Could you find out? I guess the cost per car depends on how many cars you have & the total cost divvied up between 'em.

17/06/2005 18:26:29   John Wood   The best thing about 96's is that you can lay your walking stick at the side of the seat. Then use it to poke fun at those folks who have "progressed" to the General Motors Clones.  
20/06/2005 10:33:10   Highgate Saab   As Richard rightly states, the club needs to be more active in the friendly competion department and his thoughts on Curborough are akin to ours, We are trying to organise a spares weekend combined with a track weekend at Curborough for 2006 (We need spares events to stay in business and also it does help to promote and maintain the SAAB image)
The National event at Gaydon in 98 was a SUPERB venue and a SUPERB event and it seems to have gone downhill from there!
We are doing our open weekend in September, this is a double edged sword! we do extra business and enthusiasts get to meet each other and chat about their cars.
Information on the internet about events seems to be lacking in detail! maybe there are more events out there but the promotion isn't!  
20/06/2005 12:45:18   Richard   I would help the Highgate lads with this type of event. The problem is getting a weekend booked at curb as it is used alot. I will put this suggestion to Dave Barrow and co. If the event is to be a SOC backed event (and it should be,its not on having a few individuals taking the pressure) Dave should be involved in the track side of things due to the SOC being part of the MSA. I think all you will have to do is notify the MSA that the club is running such an event. I will check up on the insurance side, but the MSA events usually use Alexander Forbes and I think as long as you are running a event within the MSA blue book you would be able to use MSA insurance.
You can run a track day which seems popular with the Saab scene and central guys and have moving demos. There is a PA system that works, so some info could be given on the different models.
Our motor club has a few SOC members in it and one of these guys organises all our 12 car rallies and is a major organiser in our single venue rally, so I would hope that Elon could point us in the right direction with the running of such events.  
20/06/2005 13:12:22   Richard   Email sent to Curborough, sit and wait.  
20/06/2005 14:01:40   Senor Burt   I don't recall seeing Highgate at the last SOC national.
Gaydon being an international event was obviously a lot bigger than any of the UK only events.
I don't think you can expect to flog much V4 stuff to the general SOC membership anyway as most of them have 'graduated' to Vauxhalls. Any V4's around at SOC gatherings tend to be totally standard show cars that don't see the light of day too much and therefore don't need any parts or tuning/mod stuff.

When is the national? I let my membership lapse recently so haven't seen a Driver for a while and there's nothing on the SOC website.  
20/06/2005 17:12:10   Highgate Saab   The last national we went to was a couple of years ago! As Senor Burt points out we do not really sell a lot of V4 stuff at the shows, but it is good PR for us as we talk to people, remind them of their roots and sometimes they do go out and get a V4 and then we have another potential customer.As for modified V4,s and them not being accepted just take a look at whats about, Keith Squires V4, Bill Rawles V4, Simons V6, Ken Mcglynns V4 and then some.The problem seems to be getting them all together at one event, then people would have to take notice of the trend and these people would not feel alienated if they were in a group!
Also we are booked for this years national (it's close to home, so cost effective)but we did have to contact the club to book a pitch and found out that they had not contacted traders!!!!!!! so will we be on our own!
Traders bring revenue to the club and also give members somewhere to roam around and browse for those elusive parts and get information, it's not rocket sceince stuff just common sense.
Anyway hope to see as many of you as poss (we are there on the Saturday only) and we will have a small selection of parts,trinkets,treasure on sale.  
20/06/2005 17:22:48   Richard   Dates are above.
I do think we need a spares meet. I did enquire to the club, but was told the local branch would have to organise it. Our local branch is dead and I dont wish to restart it with the hassle we had with the one abusive member ringing me up (he seems to like causing problems as he was equally abusive to the chairman about the membership sec having a answer phone).
So basically I have a venue with plenty of indoor space, so stall holders are inside, booters could have their stalls in a outdoor carpark which we could cover as we have a 50 foot long market stall. There would still be a medium car park for the cars. Cost of the venue was 70 for a weekend day at this large and well equiped community centre (not your usually wooden box). I help out with a few friend doing some work there, so I would have some marshalls for the day. I was thinking of paying off the venue and sending the rest of the money to a charity. Basically the club was not interested and that was that, you do need some backing and help to promote the event and some feeling that the club will be behind you.
I dont know how Highgate feel, but I think the stall costs are too high at a national. I remember one trader was told he would have to pay a large sum because he had a very small trailor of spares, he promtly covered up the bits because he would make a loss. That sort of thing does not help anyone, I want to find bits for my cars at nationals and I am sure people would rather stick their unwanted bits in the boot and try to sell them than throw them in the bin. Booters should pay the same price as everyone else for entry, then people will throw stuff in the back of the car incase someone wants it. Traders should pay a small fee as the club has set them up with a good chance of selling bits, but traders add to the show and are members too, so dont rip them off. The SOC is a CLUB not a profit making business, we need to keep a check on the books, but the money can be used to benefit existing club members not just recruiting new ones. The club spends a fair amount at the NEC and expensive shows and it is nice to see a branch going to Tatton show which was always free to entrants when I use to go with the Ginetta club and club members can take part with their cars.
Anyway I will shut up now most of you will have got bored with that, just a bit of common sence I hope.  

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