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09/02/2003 21:25:44   Michael   Hello:
Have any of you had this problem?
We have a 2002 Saab 9-5. During a snowstorm -- below freezing weather -- we were unable to turn the key in the ignition. We had to use a hair dryer on the ignition and then it started. A day later, we had to start the car using the same method (hair dryer). Do you believe the issus is that snow got into the igntion from the wet key? Is this a perennial problem with Saabs? This is our first.

Thanks. Michael  
10/02/2003 18:16:54   Alec   Hi Michael,
Never heard of this one. However, this forum is used by owners of SAAB V4's. Your best bet would be to place you question in the forums at


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