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21/06/2005 07:36:32   71 Sonett   I saw that the celedinas page from west of sweden is no longer available. Are there other alternatives or improvements for the original rocker arms ?  
21/06/2005 07:58:50   Richard   Try the old parts shop in Germany, or Gosneys engineering in the UK.
You can bronze sleave them with a bronze bush, which you can do to some worn items to make them better than new.
I have seen people convert to roller rockers, which have the benefit of a straight loading on the valves.  
21/06/2005 16:26:52   71 Sonett   Where can you get these Sport & Rally rockers ?  
21/06/2005 16:56:32   Richard   Well you either buy some original ones or machine a alloy block and new longer rocker shaft. The idea behind this was to stop rocker shaft flex around 7000rpm. You use the head bolts with a thread in the top and spacers between these and your alloy block, so you get extra fixing points along the shaft. The only benefit you will have bellow high rpm will be better positioning of the rockers over the valve and more control of the side to side movement of the rockers via shimming. The rocker arms used are the std ones with the ends ground to a 8mm rad to stop them from pushing on the valve retainers and letting the collets come loose causing a valve to drop with high lift cams.  
21/06/2005 20:23:45   John Wood   David Clibbery had some made some years ago. It is cheaper to get a number of sets made at a time. I do not know if he still has his drawings. Though it could be possible to work it out. The Standard rocker shaft was was used. Tapped head bolts are needed and spacer washers/tubes to support the block over the head bolts. May be Senor Burt could provide measurements of blocks?  
22/06/2005 08:09:10   Richard   I have David's supports in my engine, the shaft was pants though, not hardend very well and worn on the underside. I probably measured them at the time and it will be in my book of tricks, I will have a look if someone wants to have a go. Otherwise you can do it like the v6 and have a longer shaft and seperate bocks at each end.
24/06/2005 13:50:24   Steve H   What is the actually benifit of all this work when driving?  
24/06/2005 16:15:07   71 sonett   they provide higher peak engine speed & are safer at higher rpm + the original ones are completly worn after a few thousands miles.  

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