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21/06/2005 23:59:10   ian b   The ignition switch on my saab has always been a bit iffy and now it feels more like i'm bending the key than turning it. I can get it to the first position fine so i was thinking i'd just install a starter button. Is it realy as simple as swapping two connections over onto the new switch? I hate vehicle electrics so i'm assuming a simple task will go pear shaped!  
22/06/2005 07:58:53   Richard   The orginal problem could be due to the key barrel position in relation to the reverse gear lock, have a look at a work shop manual. The first position releases the gears (g on the barrel) and is therefore only like putting the key in the barrel on a normal car, you have turn the ignition to 'i' before it switches the ign on.
All your starter button will do is connect the starter motor, so you would have to locate the connection for this and put it through the switch.  
22/06/2005 08:44:55   Rens   I have a starter button in my car.
Just for fun.
It's really easy, i can check wich wires you need to use. But it isn't something of 2 wires, you still need the key or another switch because it's a two step release (if you call it that). so i have the key for safety that put's it in all electrics ON and then a button to start it up.

Also, you need a heave duty button, I used one of a truck (even trucks have nice tuning bits) it's nice chrome with black. But it needs to heavy duty because of the resistance.  
22/06/2005 10:58:41   ian b   I bought it of ebay, says its heavy duty but sounds like i've got a lot more plastic on mine,no chrome thats for sure ! Anyhow, the key will go to the "i" position but no further without realy straining . So i get warning lights and stuff so hopefully the power should be there.
Is the full juice to the starter motor going through this button or is it just like a relay?  
22/06/2005 16:11:41   Senor Burt   All you need is a feed to the starter button that is switched from the ignition (key in "I" postion as Rens says). You then take a wire from the other side of the switch and connect it to the small spade terminal on the starter solenoid.
Banger racing cars etc are wired like this. I've used a non-latching toggle switch and a push button for this before. Both rated at 10A. You may need more, but 15A rating should be plenty unless you are going to be operating the starter for long periods of time as the switch is only carrying the current necessary to operate the solenoid.  
22/06/2005 16:47:32   Richard   I was meaning what Burt said, but it didnt read that well. Button switches are easy to find in race car suppliers mags or from old pre 1950's cars, the give away is they say start on them! Otherwise you could drill a hole in the front of the car and use a starting handle!  
22/06/2005 23:28:01   ian b   thanks guys for your help ,i'll give it a go before i end up with a snapped key.
Richard i tried a starting handle on an old landrover, fair warms you up on a cold morning! always the chance of being launched over a hedge if you get it wrong though, so hopefully the starter button will be efficient rather than entertaining !
cheers all.  
23/06/2005 10:54:37   Alistair   On one of our old cars (didn't have the ignition key, only the door lock keys which were different!) we just disconnected the starter switch from behind the steering column shroud & used a screwdriver to turn the switch. Probably a reasonable anti-theft mod too!  
25/06/2005 10:09:06   David   Our old 1934 Morris Mini Minor Eight (the one with the vertical dynamo driving a sohc) - 6V electrics - had a starter button below the gearstick. No solenoid, so the full load went through the switch! Very reliable - so little to go wrong. I had to chuckle at the thought of cranking a V4 - as it turns the "wrong" way it would be quite interesting. Where would you find a "left-hand" starter dog for the crankshaft?  
27/06/2005 13:04:00   Richard   Thats familiar, a carry on from the OHC minor. The OHC use to fill the dynamo with oil from the oil scroll when it was stood. Lip seals please, which we have now done.
I use the starter handle on the Minor, coz I like doing it!  
27/06/2005 16:17:07   jonny   I had a really sweet conversion on my Peugeot 505 estate, required after all the keys got lost, it was just a double light switch taken from the house, one switch turned on the ignition and the other fired the starter, you had to be careful to turn it off as soon as it fired up, the central locking was handled by a small toggle switch located through a hole in the bottom of the door mirror, it was a real boon down the beach surfing and not worrying about having to hide or carry keys.  
27/06/2005 16:57:42   Richard   Get a 95 for surfing and show all those individual types with Vdubs some real class.  
01/07/2005 20:20:28   john wyatt   Ashamed to say I had to sell my 95 in order to keep my VW camper, I have a plan to sell my camper and buy a bullnose from Norway or Sweden, dont know how to broach it with my wife though she likes the camper and wont understand why another SAAB is necessary.  
02/07/2005 01:27:35   ian b   I used to have an old 68 vw campervan in pensioner beige before i had my saab. Had an alarming habit of changing lanes on a windy day without any input from me! The saabs not much different actualy, and the engine sounds equaly fruity.  
02/07/2005 01:31:30   ian b   Oh and the switch works a treat guys thanks for all your help, i managed not to fry myself or,more importantly the car!. Never liked a left hand ignition, feels weird!  
04/07/2005 12:48:05   Richard   John, sell the wife with the van!!!!  

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