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22/06/2005 17:00:05   Richard   Ok that sounds daft, so I must be behind it! I am wanting a small to medium vintage aircraft engine to fit onto a 1930 Morris/MG chassis. I have finally gone back to my Morris/MG M type special (well its my Dads but he is not having it back). I have all the MG bits to finish it, but I want to go VSCC racing in the future and I love the aero engine mad crazy specials.
Other options are the 4 cylinder Riley engine and 1100 JAP v twin. Basically all the parts have to be pre 1931 and as mad and dangerous as possible.
Its a long project, I am collecting the bits before I have to find some room to build it up. The rest of the car is in boxes and the chassis is suspended from the roof!
When I get it finished I will have to go to a Saab track day and hassle some moderns, fancy a ride Al! p.s. there are no seat belts and cable brakes.  
22/06/2005 20:47:53   Rens   Well, sounds like a nice little project. To bad it ain't a Saab :)

For the engine, I've heard off a place here in Holland which is an old army dumb, you can buy old cars, trucks and planes and all of the spare parts for them. Problem is that it's all 1970 and more... and expensive!

so i wish you luck in trekking the engine down :)  
22/06/2005 22:27:38   Senor Burt   For fear of suggesting the obvious, try searching for 'vintage aircraft parts' on Google. I got many interesting looking results.  
23/06/2005 10:36:57   Alistair   Rich

I'm game - I'll try anything once!

Still got to try out your white beast though, maybe if I get some platform soled shoes ;-)  
23/06/2005 16:49:39   Richard   I think buying an aircraft engine will be just as expensive as building the MG engine up to a spec so it wont go bang. Looking at the prices its going to cost 4000-5000 in bits for the MG bottom end alone! Steel billet big bearing crank, forged rods, pistons new racing bearings rather than the white metal ones.  
25/06/2005 12:42:14   paul   you can get aero engines far cheaper than that, an un-run one went on ebay for about 700 a month or so ago, lycoming air cooled flat six, turbocharged, ~250bhp, form a fifties bell helicopter. The problem is the rpms they do, i think they make that power at about 2000rpm or so (propellors dont like going round too fast), which means you will need a mean little gearbox to handle all that torque.  
27/06/2005 12:56:59   Richard   Most 20s and 30s cars were long stroke due to how tax and hp ratings were obtained based on piston sizes. This means that most of the large engine cars only rev to 3000rpm anyway. 30's Lagonda, Bentley and Alvis red line around this mark with masses of torque. We probably have a few gearboxes from that type of car in the spare parts from Dad's old projects. I was looking as a laugh at the size of a 4 1/2ltr Lagonda engine compairied to the size of a MMM mg chassis and it would take up half the chassis.
I want something on the lines of a flat or V twin 1000cc - 2000cc off a small aircraft up to 1931.
Many thanks for the replies, I thought you might find the subject a bit different to the norm.  

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