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27/06/2005 06:19:56   Sean M   Hi, having done a bit of reading up on carbys for the 96, it's clear I'm far better off with the Weber 34 ICH I have currently than the FoMoCo Solex I could have ended up with.

My question is simply this - is there much advantage going to the twin barrel Weber (32/36 DGAV if memory serves correct)? I will eventually upgrade the exhaust from standard, so long term I see the point, but will it be any better running with the standard exhaust? Thanks  
27/06/2005 12:44:42   Richard   The manifold seems to be a bit pricey for the twin choke these days. I would say you should see a difference if the carb is correctly set-up. The 32/36 or the smaller 28/36 will give more torque at the bottom end and better breathing at the top end, particulary if combined with a performace exhaust. The 34 gives better breathing over the std carb at the mid to top end, but not quite as good as a twin choke.  
27/06/2005 23:40:20   Sean M   Thanks for your concise reply Richard. I'm looking for more torque at the lower end, and generally better breathing all round as you suggest. Would the 32/36 be more tricky to set up if I'm running the old exhaust until I get around to getting a performance one made?  
28/06/2005 00:03:47   Sean M   ...and what is a typical price for a 2bbl manifold these days?  
28/06/2005 08:00:35   Richard   You can run the 32/36 on a std exhaust, it will just not breath as well at the top end. I would suggest once you have the performance exhaust on the car that you have it set up on a rolling road. That way you will get the best performance and fuel consumption.
The 2bbl manifolds seem to be going for 70. You could probably get one cheaper from a private seller.  
28/06/2005 10:50:50   Alistair   You might also look for an old SAH adaptor plate which allows you to retain your standard inlet manifold. Not quite as efficient as a 2bbl manifold, but in my experience, on an otherwise standard engine it's all you need.  
29/06/2005 00:58:55   Sean M   Thanks Alistair - from what you say I'd imagine I'd probably still get a worthwhile/noticeable improvement with my proposed set-up using an adaptor instead of shelling out big bucks for a manifold. The carbys are cheap and plentiful enough here in Aus, but the manifolds of course are a different story.  
18/07/2006 12:59:56   Adam   Just to confuse the issue. I have been told by Ken at Highate Saabs that the 28/32 Weber (28/32 ADHA is the only one I can find any info on, as fitted to 1979-1980 Fiat Brava and Spider) is the best twin choke carb for the Saab 96 but there is no mention of them on this forum, only 32/36 DCD or 28/36 DCD.

Is there a reason for this, or is it just that the 28/32 is hard to find?

18/07/2006 15:59:54   Al   Never heard of a 28/32 ADHA... The 28/36 DCD is the one that was most popular in the 70s & 80s, very good carb, simple but effective. Unless Ken was confusing his fave bust size with his inside leg measurement ;o)

Any twin choke carb will work MUCH better with a bigger exhaust, in fact I would tend to go for an exhaust before a carb for the best gains. That standard system is pretty restrictive.  
18/07/2006 16:39:44   Richard   Try a place that in an old ford specialist. The DCD was fitted to pre-crossflow engines. Your best bet would be one off a 1500 Cortina.  

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