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27/06/2005 17:35:32   Andy Paterson   the red charging lamp illuminates with gretaer brightness as the revs increase and the volts going into the battery seem to be about 16v - I have a new regulator and it is no different - anybody know what the problem is? I dont want the battery expolding.
Also anybody thought of using the 96 for Lands End and Edinburgh type trials events? Any advice?  
05/08/2005 19:03:28   simon   perhaps your brushes need replacing? To my mind brighter the lamp LESSER the charge.  
08/08/2005 12:58:51   Richard   16v seems high and I would have thought it to be the regulator. The light can be a bit of a red herring as they can flicker on in the 96 due to bad connections. Try a different alternator and up grade its output so you can run extra lights etc that you may need for your trailing.
I would build the shell to rally spec with extra strengthening to the damper mounts, steering knuckle holes and a angle down the top of front inner wing. Triangulate the wishbones, weld a wedge under the front spring mounts, weld a plate top and bottom to the rear centre bush and you can box in the trailing arms if you want. You may want to up the ride height of the suspension as well and fit some stiffer dampers (I would use Billys, they dont break although they are a bit too stiff at the front.
Get your gearbox rebuilt and rebuild the front hubs and driveshafts.  
11/08/2005 14:37:35   Steve H   Fit a vectra alternator and the regulator is built in.

(you can do a exchange at Halfords)  

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