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29/06/2005 01:22:25   Sean   Wish I had the money!  
29/06/2005 08:53:59   Rens   well it aint that expensive.. it's even quite cheap..
you get 4!! webers, the swanneck and the manifold...
for only 500 pounds or 750 euro's...  
29/06/2005 15:49:25   bill rawles   save up another 500 and put fuel inject/throttle bodies on!!  
30/06/2005 18:59:27   Alistair   2 stroke don't know their Saab history very well though - Carlsson would not have driven a car with this set-up competitively as he'd retired by the time they were homologated...  
01/07/2005 20:45:21   John Wood   The cross-over manifold is the C& T version made by Conversions & Tuning of Tulse Hill in London in 1970. Richard has this set up on his white car, and I used to use the same set up on my rally car during the 70's. The second manifold is similar to one that the factory used for mounting two Solex 32TDID carbs.I have an old write-ep though it is in finnish. The main thing will be to find out from 'Two-Stoke to Turbo' the provenance of the items. Though I said the manifold was similar there is a difference in the thermostat housing.
Alistair is quite correct, when Erik retired the V4 was upto 105bhp. He explains this quite well in the video,"Wheels on Ice", though sadly there ought to have been more footage of V4s on the ice. Though I have photos of the Baja 100 car he drove in 1970, I don't have any shots of the engine compartment. It could well have had a 40DFI by then. I don't have info of what mods they allowed for the event.  
02/07/2005 21:36:00   Sean   Alex, looks like they got an offer they couldn't refuse as the auction was ended earlier with no bids. My preference would be for the cross over would surely be a more efficient intake system.. besides of ones I've seen in pics online it sure looks the goods ;-)  
02/07/2005 23:02:05   Alex   Sean, so I noticed, gone with the wind; or was it because of the email I sent doubting the statement of two 28/36 carbs on that manifold? We'll never know. Anyway, last time I took a look at the Aardvark site he hadn't come as far with installation as he is now. If my double 40DCNF project won't work out because of the space issue I'll switch to such a configuration. That ready to fit setup is from MSS. On Saabnet I read it cost the Aardvarkman about $1.600,-, reconditioned carb included. When I bought my set of 2 DCNF's two VW Beetle manifolds were included. I know a guy who can weld aluminium so I can get that manifold a lot cheaper than that.  
03/07/2005 07:25:15   Sean   Alex, I imagine at that price his cost included the MSS exhaust?

In any case, I'm in no rush, so if you decide to go down that road with your welder guy, I'd consider getting involved in the same set-up.  
04/07/2005 08:04:30   Richard   I bought a CT manifold for 100 last year for a friend. They are Ok but not a patch on the Saab item. You will also find that the bonet bar gets in the way and therefore you will need to have a removable bonet or swivel the bar round. 40 webers go for around 300 a pair unless they are very new.
I havent looked at the photos yet but there was a period manifold made for twin down draft solex twin choke carbs. You also could fit some swan necks to them and use side drafts. The thermostat was moved forward over the engine timing gear case.
05/07/2005 17:19:14   Alex   Sean, it sure was without the exhaust but with carb and other small but oh so necessary bits. I guess Jack Lawrence wants to see something of the cost of development back. Unfortuntely I can't afford to be in a rush either. That little thing that often interferes with hobby dreams (called life) allows very small progress here.  
05/07/2005 19:28:06   John Wood   WELL, 980.00 for a C&T manifold + webers etc? Obviously there is a considerable shortage of this type of material in the US.  
06/07/2005 08:02:56   Richard   John just tell Colin W and he can see what a bargin I have got him (CT is for him).
We payed less for a Saab manifold and a set of good weber 45's last year, about 750. Ebay is a sellers market, if you do some research you can find things alot cheaper.  

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