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12/02/2003 18:23:29   Bernie   I've just bought a 1972 96 V4 and am about to start collecting panels for repairs, does anyone have one of those exploded pictures showing all the panels, and are there any companies that remanufacture panels?

21/02/2003 20:59:59   Alistair Philpott   Bernie
There's been some (limited) discussion about panels on the SOC website ( recently, suggest you check that out. A good bet is always Highgate who also do a good range of repair panels for the common rot-spots on V4s.

25/02/2003 21:12:13   Curtis Muir   Bernie ,

you could also try who produce and remanufacture wings and go under the name of Hadrian. This is the factory outlet direct, and when I last got a new /remanufactured wing it came from Highgate with the Hadrian label on it. It cost me double the price near enough.

Worth a try anyway as any new wings will be a problem fitting.

All the best

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