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04/07/2005 12:55:55   Ivo de Vocht   Hi,

I have the saab mentioned above - which my dad has had since new. Its 5 digit odometer has hit 80,000 for the third time and the indicator lenses at the front and back are starting to fade to the point where it cannot get a warrant anymore. We have painted the inside of the lenses as a temporary measure, but are looking for new ones. Obviously there are no spares in New Zealand - would anyone know where I could find some or what sort of price I would pay for them?

04/07/2005 16:17:33   Rens   You can clean them with a high percentage alcohol or spiritus (that blue stuff to start a fire). And then use an tuning spray can with transluant orange paint. I've done this and you cant see a thing.
Or you can keep them white and use an orange bulb.  
04/07/2005 23:58:10   Ivo de Vocht   Thanks for your speedy reply guys,
I definitely need replacements as the plastic is gettting quite brittle and the repair jobs from run away carpark smashes are getting a bit much. I had a look of a photo of a 99, and the lenses on that are not quite the same - they are still a bit smaller. I will give the swedish guys a go.

Thanks again,
05/07/2005 07:54:55   Richard   Now looking at the 99 the lense rakes back at the side a bit more.  
05/07/2005 11:04:02   erik   I have both models on my driveway and the lenses are definetely not the same.  

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