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04/07/2005 16:12:17   Rens   Hi, just a new post so everybody can enjoy it and can find it later on.
I'm going to need to rebuild my geabox (maybey for the 2.0 DOHC engine of an old sierra). But where can i do this?
I live in Holland, so places in england aren't that usefull BUT to be complete as possible just include them also.

And to be even more complete, at what price for a normale rebuild and a rally spec rebuild?  
04/07/2005 17:10:50   Richard   Chris Partington has built me up my rally boxes in the past and he now deals through Highgate, Graham McDonald and The V4 Restoration company. You may want the box building to rally tolerances, which means tha the crown and pinion are meshed closer and the best components are used ie the early free wheel hub and speedo drive etc.
Otherwise you need to find a good gearbox builder. They need to be use to building transaxles. It would also be useful if you have a few spare boxes to rade for the best parts ie syncros and shims. Gearsets and crown and pinions should not be mixed.
You can do it yourself, but you need to make something up to measure the pinion position and be accurate. On top of that you will need a dial gauge and know where to get the correct bearings from.  

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