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04/07/2005 17:05:42   mel   Our web site is currntly being updated ( about bloody time I hear you say!!!! ) We are putting a section together for modified V4's,2T & Sonett's and need your input. we are looking for good pictures with indepth descriptions and or drawings of projects that could become reality (scanned drawings or paint pictures)
To give you some ideas, I have a design for 96 Speedster with porsche style faired headrests,16v turbo rear mounted and wide arches, you get the picture!!
Please send any ideas in ASAP as the update is happening NOW!  
05/07/2005 10:07:57   71 sonett   I'm currently restoring a sonett III. These last two years i've saved lots of information. I have pics of the restoration proces (still in progress), tuning catalogs, factory modifications, etc... You can mail me if you are interested:  
05/07/2005 14:32:42   Rens   what's the url of the website?  
05/07/2005 15:33:56   mel   It has not yet been updated properly so the newer version is not online as such. However, the old version is still up and the address is I hope this helps.  
06/07/2005 17:19:35   mel   The website is nearly finished now. Another day and hopefully it will be up and running (fingers crossed)  
07/07/2005 21:32:17   Beamer   Mel,
How long is Ozzie going to be two years old? He was two when you set up the new web site years ago. I suppose it doesn't really matter 'cos he can't count to more than two anyhow.  
12/07/2005 11:29:13   mel   On the new website he is 4. We havn't had time to change it. Should be up and running soon.  

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