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06/07/2005 15:09:55   71 sonett   I would like to install a Pertronix Ignitor I, but the parts supplier advices me to change the ignition coil also with a Pertronix Flamethrower because the old coil will give me trouble. I've got a new Bosch blue coil. Has anyone got experience on this subject ?  
06/07/2005 15:21:03   David L   Sorry, I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find exact answers to my questions. So, here goes:
I have a four-stud inlet manifold (from Saab festival, Trollhatten - loads there!). Also have unused 28/36DCD or used Solex 32TDID with auto choke. Which would be best (engine standard, performance exhaust planned)? Can't afford to buy bigger carb, that will come when I can go to 1700 etc.
If I go for 28/36, can anyone give me jet and choke sizes to start off at. Saves misfiring all the way to the rolling road!
The sandwich plate between manifold and carb has unions on either side, one with PCV valve. Which side should PCV go?
Is there an easy way to sort the throttle linkage, or any pics I can refer to?
Does anyone have an air filter for Solex (oval top) or am I best using one of my many spare K&Ns and making an appropriate base?
Hope someone can help!  
06/07/2005 15:22:06   David L   Oops, sorry, didn't mean to post this here! I'll start a new thread. Ho hum.  
06/07/2005 17:31:42   mark   bosch blue coil is ok,you shouldnt need to change it.  
06/07/2005 19:17:39   Alex   Chip Lamb sells Pertronixes in combination with Bosch blue coils and I know from experience that it works fine.  
06/07/2005 19:25:55   Alex   David, unless that Solex is not worn dont't put it on. They are disaster areas and spare parts are made of unobtanium. I have jetting charts for a 28/36 DCD23 and 36. Do you know which one you have?  
07/07/2005 07:54:14   Richard   The Bosch Blue coil is one of the best coils around, you should have no problem with it.  
07/07/2005 09:18:42   jonny   I use the 28-36 on my 1740 and it works really well I also get exceptional fuel economy, what other good stuff was for sale at Trollhatten?, what were the prices like?

07/07/2005 09:27:38   David L   I thought prices were pretty good at Trollhatten, helped by exchange rate. Lots of two-stroke stuff and early parts, but for V4s there were some good bits. Only about 25 stalls, and I'd hoped to find the Swedish Saab Club spares people there (Rolf I think) to maybe pic up an exhaust. But great trip all the same.  
07/07/2005 10:18:39   Andrew   Couple of 32/36s on ebay at present Can anyone tell me whether they're worth bidding for, as I'd like to put one on the Beige Beast but don't know what I'm looking for  
07/07/2005 14:54:33   Clive   Alex,
Could you provide me with jet and choke sizes for a 28/36 DCD23?
Also what's the best sort of air filter to get for this?
08/07/2005 11:11:46   David L   On the question of which 28/36 it is, I'm struggling. Code on the side actually says 28/36DCB5, although I'd always thought of it as a DCD. On the other side it says OD GA8  

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