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07/07/2005 22:40:43   Rens   they also say it's a 1.5
Engine Size (litre): 1,498 cc
so they don't know  
07/07/2005 22:55:06   Senor Burt   I emailed him. There is now a note at the bottom saying he might be wrong about the engine. I think he just copied a spec from a website somewhere. It's a perfectly ordinary V4.  
07/07/2005 23:11:34   John Wood   He doesn't know his SAAB colours either. Savannah Beige not yellow.  
07/07/2005 23:12:35   Sean M   Off topic a bit, but I see someone has taken out the headrests, as, sadly, has happened to mine :-( Why you'd do that I don't know. I think they really finish off the later 96s. Sort of a cool blend of retro and futuristic styles.  
08/07/2005 08:07:08   Richard   So the question is would you buy a car from someone who doesnt know anything about it off Ebay,er no.
The head rests might have been an option as Saab made plugs to fill the holes. I would have to check the bill of sale from my car or trawl through the specs in detail, neither of which I really can be bothered to do.  
08/07/2005 09:59:48   Rens   So Someone who doesn't know what he's buying will probably buy it from someone who doesn't know what he's selling...  
08/07/2005 10:42:51   Andrew   Head rests weren't standard, I'm sure. My first 73 model (bought new by my grandparents) had little caps over the headrest post holes.
I don't understand the debate over 1498cc or 1.5 litre - they mean the same thing surely?! (It's called rounding up before anyone points out the 2cc difference ;-P)  
08/07/2005 10:43:43   Andrew   LOL oh now I see the debate - over a 2-stroke or a 1.5 (hangs head in embarrassment). I'll shut up  
08/07/2005 10:50:53   Andrew   .....erm is this really savannah beige? My log calls it gold and I though sav beige was the paler, browner (VW) colour - I confess I've never known the correct Saab name for mine (mostly known as baby poo beige in these parts)  
08/07/2005 11:10:12   Rens   well mine is about the same colour (GOING TO RESPRAY) and it is indeed baby poo... but yes that colour is called savannah beige  
08/07/2005 18:35:51   John Wood   UK V4s were supplied with the headrest holes plugged. The head restraint was an optional item only. The mid cushion was also separate.  
12/07/2005 00:36:24   James   Can someone please explain the debate about the engine? I'm a complete newbie as you can guess!  
12/07/2005 12:01:57   Andrew   The trader has incorrectly listed two-stroke engine specifications for a V4 car on the ebay ad, that's all  
12/07/2005 12:27:12   Richard   Just a slight difference between the two engines. I dont know where that extra cylinder went to???  
12/07/2005 13:31:02   Andrew   I think he mentions a 3-speed gearbox too. Clearly given it a good test drive.  
12/07/2005 20:57:47   James   So what do you think of this car? It looks like it's in pretty good condition. What are average prices for V4s of this age?  

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