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21/02/2003 15:14:17   bill rawles   I'd recommend you go and check the chrome hoop that sprouts out of the floor between the front seats for the seat belts. Mine literally fell to bits last week and there is no way the belts would have done anything useful in the event of a prang.

It was one of the type that is made up of strands of wire bonded to the chrome hoop for the upper portion. The wire had fatigued over the years through flexing back and forth a little each time some-one had latched on to it until it failed.

The replacement I got from Highgate is a solid bar which had to be "persuaded" to fit but looks a much better bet longterm and being totally rigid is easier to fasten the belt buckle onto.

Take care now!  
24/02/2003 12:29:54   Alec   Thanks for the tip Bill... I believe that type was fitted from 1974 onwards - someone correct me if I am wrong.  

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