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07/07/2005 23:23:36   Sean   I need to fit rear seatbelts on my 96 as part of the roadworthy and engineers certificate. Could I fit rear belts from a 900 without too much trouble?  
08/07/2005 21:40:04   Alex   Sean, if you take all the components out and don't forget the bolts it shouldn't be too much trouble, unless you have a model that was not prepared for seatbelts. If it is it should basically be a bolt down job. However I must admit that I don't know where the housings with the belts rolled up inside are bolted down in a 96.  
09/07/2005 00:10:18   John Wood   I have seen the reel bolted to the inner wing in the boot area and the belt comes through a corner of the rear parcel shelf. Have a look at post 1975 car brochures. There are captive bolt holes already under the back seat base for the waist straps.  

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