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11/07/2005 16:56:33   mel   The web site as been updated ( and will continue to be updated this week) My son is doing the new site as part of his work experience with us. I would realy like constructive comments from people that will improve the site! This is your ideal chance to get involved, so come on be quick!! Thank you in advance for your input.  
11/07/2005 17:04:22   Rens   He asks for username and password...  
11/07/2005 17:08:53   ian b   think he needs a bit more web design experience it won't work !  
12/07/2005 08:10:51   mel   We are trying to get that fixed, he did not put that on purposly. He has only been designing websites for 1 week you have to remember.  
12/07/2005 10:49:07   Steve B   Guys,
Give the poor chap a chance.

Great to hear that your working on the site.
Here's a few ideas :
I always like pictures - so that you can see before you buy. Thumbnails are good to keep download times down.
Always include prices too.
What about a list of second hand parts for sale (this needs quite a bit on maintenance but would be a useful resource).
Some info about yourselves of course and your cars.
Info on your projects ie : alloy wheel reproduction, new mirrors etc......
A diary page with events, open days etc.....
A links page with other spares resources perhaps.  
12/07/2005 11:27:59   mel   Thanks, we have some of those pages already, and we are working on the rest. At the moment we don't know how to remove the pass, as our ISP is not answering the bloody phone! I will let you know as soon as it is removed.  
12/07/2005 12:43:01   mel   The website is now working properly and the password has been removed. Please take a look and tell me your comments so i can change it accordingly. Thanks.  
12/07/2005 15:48:29   ian b   yeha ! success
Have to agree with Steve, always good to see prices and thumbnails are good, for when you can't remember the name of that fiddly widget thingy.  
13/07/2005 08:46:39   mel   So what do you all think of the site?  
13/07/2005 08:51:40   mel   Thanks Steve for the tip about thumbnails.  
13/07/2005 09:52:41   Senor Burt   Not too bad. I've seen worse sites. It still suffers from pictures being very slow to download, like the old site.
On-line shopping would be nice, but that obviously costs to set up initially.  
13/07/2005 11:08:30   mel   We are actually working on setting up online shopping using paypal.  
13/07/2005 13:12:55   mel   Steve could you please tell me if the pictures load any faster please? It would be very much appreciated. Thanks!  
13/07/2005 14:25:28   Steve H   Hi Mel, I had a look straight after we spoke yesturday.
While the content and navigation of the site is fine, from a graphics point of view it's a touch cheesy. I always liked your letterhead logo and the cleaned up flying V4 graphic. Indeed I have the same graphic in my engine bay. The mirror effect writing is rather 1995.
The section on projects is very exciting, and hence the first page I went to. I know you also mentioned an owners gallery. This will be good to watch develop.

However, whatever happened to your bodywork project you had just started on your last site?

steve h  
13/07/2005 15:29:32   Senor Burt   No they don't download any quicker.  
13/07/2005 16:17:00   mel   Thanks for that Steve, glad you like it. My son is working on the gallery, and i'm sure it will be good, just as all the other pages he has done have been (in my opinion). In the next few days the site will expand a bit.  
13/07/2005 22:14:49   Rens   Well... You ain't gonna like this.
But this is my proffesional opinion (it's part of my living webdesign).

Overal it looks a bit cheesy and cheap. But I like the fact that there is a list of products with prices and stuff. The info it contains is all good!! except I also miss the body kit. Only the design isn't that good. The links are in the top part of the page.. so if i go down the page i have to scroll all the way up to go to the next page.
The colour scheme isn't to proffesional. It doesn't realy look like a real bussnis, more a rock and roll fan site...

Well it's my opinion don't hate me for it. I don't care how it looks, i just want the info!  
14/07/2005 08:45:35   mel   Thanks for those comments, thats what we are looking for. Constructive criticism! I will take these points into consideration, and i have put links at the bottom of each page as well as the top. I would love to hear from more people on both what they think about it and what could be improved.  
14/07/2005 09:08:09   jonny   What I know about web design you could write on the back of a fag packet, other than the pictures being a bit slow I think it is ideal, I did not think the design looked dated, but it is the content which interests me not the design, nice to see the sports stuff you have for sale, I would suggest having a SAAB's for sale section on the site, given the apparent lack of action on the classified section of the Owners club site this could be a really good feature.  
14/07/2005 09:25:06   mel   Funnily enough last night i was thinking about doing a section for people who want to sell things. Thanks for reminding me about that!  
14/07/2005 14:30:34   mel   I just thought that i'd tell you that you can now buy parts on our website!  
14/07/2005 21:29:46   Alex   Hi Mel, cool to see the photo of my Sonett with your exhaust underneath. I agree to the remarks about pictures, if only to clarify what is meant. After browsing through Saab related sites for the last 7 years I pretty much understand the technical terms but I'm still lost when you have a front flitch panel for sale; I might need one but still wouldn't know that you have it for sale. I like the layout but maybe that is because I like rock'n roll.  
14/07/2005 23:21:43   Sean M   On the loading time for pics.. for me, some load fast and some load there doesn't appear to be a server issue from where I stand.

You might want to check the image file sizes. It's possible some images have been been compressed (some colours removed to reduce file size) before uploading to the site, and others haven't. You can generally get away with quite a bit of compression before image quality is noticeably degraded.  
14/07/2005 23:38:48   Sean M   ..and you might like to consider using a open-source CMS for your site. That's fancy talk for free-to-use (open-source) user-friendly and updateable by ordinary folk (Content Management System) software. My recommendation (as a web designer) is Mambo. You'll need to check what web server software your ISP is running, but if they have Apache/MySQL/PHP you should be ok.  
14/07/2005 23:40:08   Sean M   doh..sorry... mambo is at  
15/07/2005 08:32:46   mel   I will look into that.  
15/07/2005 16:41:26   Rens   well mambo would be idealistic... But don't forget it still is a lot of work to make it work and make it work for you!
But if you want to use a cms it's one of the easiest. But I'm hardcore, I always make my own cms systems :)
15/07/2005 22:16:24   Sean M   Hardcore is fine, but this makes it easier for newish web designers to maintain, develop and learn with all the support on the forums etc. Heaps of free templates too.

Mel, another thing that makes life easier is if your ISP has CPanel (a user friendly point-and-click control panel to administer your domain from - ie create new email addresses on the fly, navigate to files and directories etc) Email if you want any tips. ;o)  
22/07/2005 11:18:35   Alec   Is the site down Guys? I have not been able to get to it for the last couple of days?

23/07/2005 18:23:17   mel   Ye unfortunately it is. We are working on the problem, but it may take a while.  
27/07/2005 20:42:26   chelsea   every thing will be ok!  
17/11/2005 08:50:50   Rens   So... You changed the black... like i said :D  
17/11/2005 10:11:57   Louis   Sorry to be dumb but which web site? I would love to comment on it but I don't have the URL...  

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