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14/07/2005 19:57:15   sal   any experience with high speed vibration being worn inner cv or drivers? Cost? Ho to?  
14/07/2005 22:07:58   ian b   could be uneven tyre pressure, i had tyre underinflated on one side and got realy bad vibration over 65mph. Not a trace now since i've sorted out.  
15/07/2005 08:02:25   Richard   could be cv but if its a constant duh duh duh it will probably be a front wheel bearing, cause usually the grease drys up in them.  
15/07/2005 14:05:03   Steve H   I have just cured a whole bag of problems by changing tyres. It was oulling the the left, wobbling at the wheel, druming at speed and had really heavy steering. I through the suspension mounts had gone. But no, it was the tyres. It's like having a new car (well almost, till it overheated on Sunday night and had to come home on a tow truck it was still only firing on three cylinders)  
15/07/2005 14:06:23   Steve H   excuse my spelling - sorry
(any chance of a spell check alex?)  
15/07/2005 16:46:00   Rens   spelling is ok steve, a lot of people here aren't native speaking English, me being one of them, and it doesn't matter ;)  
25/07/2005 10:41:47   Alistair   It may be worth swapping your inner drivers from side to side to see if that cures the vibration - they wear on the leading edge of the cup, not the trailing edge.  
26/07/2005 18:32:56   simon   I concure with Alistair, Rens also; as I can't spell even in my first toungue << see!  

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