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14/07/2005 23:50:25   Sean M   Can anyone advise if its possible to get new door interior panels made as per original i.e. with the pattern embossed in the vinyl and with the placcy chrome strip? I've seen some recent online pics of 96s with very new looking door panels. Ta  
15/07/2005 07:59:53   Richard   You can pull the covering off the card. You then need to find some board similar to the original and make a new card. Then you need to use contact adhesive and stretch the original covering over it.  
15/07/2005 11:40:45   Sean M   Thanks Richard.. my situation is more the reverse..I'm wondering if I can get the vinyl covering as per original embossing and with the chrome strip.. in other words I'm looking to "reskin" the door panels. I thought there might be some enterprising soul in Europe who's addressed this issue, as I imagine by now there must be quite a lot of knackered interior door panels. Or are there plenty of cars that have been wrecked in the past providing a good supply of secondhand panels? Cheers  
15/07/2005 12:28:25   Andrew   Mine have been re-done at some point with horrible vinyl and stitching, and without the 'chrome' strip. Don't look too good - a little too homespun for my liking. I'm guessing the pix you've seen show cars that have had the full re-upholstery treatment. Have you asked Nick at Saab Restoration co? He also has good recond carpet sets  
15/07/2005 16:44:09   Rens   I know this company here in holland that does total interior retrimming with stichtes (don't know about chrome) but the price is more then i wan't to pay for it. 2 front chairs, rear seats, 4 panels. all in full leather about 2500 euro or 1000 pound. Black leather with orange stichtes!  
15/07/2005 22:04:14   Sean M   Andrew, I'd say you're right about the cars in the pix I've seen. Thanks for that tip.

Rens, not cheap eh! I have no problem doing all the work myself - getting a matching vinyl isn't hard either, but in terms of keeping things original I'd prefer the embossed pattern and the chrome strip.

I'll let you folks know if this project comes to fruition anyhow.  
18/07/2005 17:04:38   Richard   How is the chrome trim attached. I should know but I carnt remember what it was like on my car when I re-made card. I suppose you could remove it and attach some clips so it goes through the card.  
20/07/2005 09:11:15   Sean M   I reckon its either heat welded or glued. Glueing would be easy enough.  

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