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15/07/2005 11:19:24   Andrew   My car was being MOTd the other day and a red foot on brake pedal warning light has come on. Is this the handbrake light or the freewheel light? I haven't seen it on before and I've never used the freewheel. The car is rolling when parked even tho reverse is engaged, which leads me to suspect the freewheel has somehow permanently on. Is this easy to fix? My local garage is very good but not a V4 expert.  
15/07/2005 13:49:31   Steve H   All the red light does is tell you if you have excessive pedal travel. It is like a extra brake light mechanism. They probably knocked it when they did the MOT. By the pedals you will see a unit with a silver slider going down to a little plate behind the brake pedal. Just pull this slider back up and the light will go out.
They must have also knocked the free wheel control. This must be pulled right out to lock out the freewheel or push in to use the freewheel. (the control is a bonnet release type pull handle next the the clutch pedal)
Have a go driving with the free wheel. It takes some getting used to but is ultimately very rewarding and makes driving much easier, especially round town. Just make sure your throttle linkage is properly lubricated so you can have precise control of the throttle when taking up power.  
15/07/2005 14:49:18   Steve B   I think Steve H is right.
Garages often mistake the freewheel control for the bonnet release. Just push the lever back in and you will have freewheel again.
Just one point about the brake pedal switch. You should reset it as Steve says but if it comes on again then you may need to adjust the rear brakes or top up the fluid, so keep an eye on it. It is most likely that the MOT guys pressed the brake pedal really hard to fully test the brakes, you probably won't press it this hard on the road.  
15/07/2005 15:30:52   Andrew   Once again, thanks for your help guys. It would appear I've been driving with the freewheel engaged quite by accident then. I did notice it seems to 'cruise' when not accelerating (told you I hdan't used it before).
I guessed they might have thought it was the bonnet release, even though I showed them how to open the bonnet. Mystery solved  

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