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27/02/2003 23:52:38   Alistair Philpott   I've been contacted by Terry Holbrook regarding the availability of the 3 springs to repair/recondition V4 calipers. He has found a firm who can remanufacture these springs, but to make it economically viable require a minimum order quantity of 12 sets.

Terry has found potential buyers for 8 sets and is now seeking homes for 4 more.

The price will be 12 per set, not sure if VAT is included.

This is clearly much less than 100-odd for reconditioned calipers. (Sorry to rub it in Alec, Terry told me you'd just bought some recon units...!)

If you are interested, please email me at and I will pass on Terry's contact details.
01/03/2003 10:27:58   louis   Hi Alistair,
Could you tell me exactly which springs these are? I seem to have only two springs on my calipers?
See ya Louis.  
06/03/2003 13:45:04   Steve H   And I dont think I have any! What year, what springs and what am I missing?  

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