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15/07/2005 14:07:45   neil   Can you give me advice on what sensible upgrades I could make to my '73 96. We have been together for 3 years now and have decided we are in it for the long haul - hence I wish to plan an upgrade path. There is an issue with selecting 3rd and 4th when cold (which completely disappears after 5-10 mins of motoring; the front window seal is leaking into the passenger footwell and the rear seat lining has perished - so I will be starting here. As the rest is very much standard what mods do you suggest I consider?  
15/07/2005 16:48:33   Rens   do you wan't exterior, interior or engine mods?
The engine mods are already well described in the tuning parts of this forum.
The interior, you can think of more comfort, cruise control, leather seats, head rests, arm rests, more dails and ice fun.
Exterior you can think of chrome, respray, lowering, better suspension, window tinting...

So wat do you want?  
17/07/2005 20:05:19   neil   performance, handling and interior!  
18/07/2005 08:04:39   Richard   Neil I would sort out any problems you have with the car first. Then the first stage of tuning would be a 4 stud manifold and a weber 28/36 DCD carb and Jetex exhaust. For the suspension I would buy a set of AVO dampers and set the front camber to 1 deg negative and toe 0 deg ie straight ahead.  
18/07/2005 10:47:56   Rens   Neil, I've also got the 4stud manifold the weber and the jetex exhaust.. for fun driving this is more then enough...
One extra thing for the engine is maybey a petronix electronic ignitiont, around 100 euro's (50 pounds).

Interior... you can upgrade to a 900 interior.. or a more sportive racing seats...
A nice extra is a tachocounter (revcounter) on the dash or in the dash.. I've removed all of the original switches and used new airplane tumbel switches...  
18/07/2005 15:12:51   neil   Yes, this is the sort of thing I'm after!! I would like to have the existing seats reupholstered in leather - any recommendations as to who might do this? Richard, is there a garage I can give the car and the required spec to (and the cash!) - I'm not mechanically gifted!  
18/07/2005 16:48:50   jonny   Neil, You dont have to be mechanically gifted to do a lot of jobs on a V4, get yourself a set of sockets and some spanners, there is enough technical know how amongst the visitors to this site to keep you right with a lot of jobs, there is a twin choke manifold on ebay due to end tonight that should get you on your way.

18/07/2005 16:57:19   Richard   Have ago. If you dont feel up to it tell us the location you live in and we will come up with some specialist nearest to you.
On the interior front the late high back seats (99 style) were more supportive and nicer on your back. You could fit leather 900 seats (As Rens says) in the front and have the rear seat covered to match. You would have a look in the back of some classic car or custom car mags for companies that do this. It wont be cheap to have leather seats made the hide is a few hundred on its own.  
18/07/2005 16:57:33   Rens   Neil: If your gonna spend all that money on the saab be sure that it's good for the rest.
Reupholstery isn't cheap (not in Holland) and cost 1000 pounds. I know i wanted to do this also.
It's a shame to put all that leather in a car that has holes in the bottom! so make sure that the body is all okay.  
18/07/2005 17:53:15   neil   On the twin choke - what does it mean by 'linkages will have to be manufactured'? I take it you can't buy a new carb solution ready to bolt on? I live in Manchester by the way. Take the point on hide - am still curious as to how much people charge for advertised reupholstering services.  
18/07/2005 21:53:25   Alex   Neil, forget about a 28/36DCD and go for a 32/36 DGV with either manual or automatic choke. the 32/36 carbs are in far greater supply on Ebay and I'm pretty sure that spare parts are more easily obtainable.  
19/07/2005 08:08:38   Richard   If you buy a Classic ford mag you can get DCD or as Alex suggests a DGV second hand from most of the specialists or private sellers. I wouldnt buy jack off ebay unless its something that carnt be damaged etc. You will find second hand carbs cheap from Ford specialists, you can look at what you are buying and if not as described send it back. Rebuild kits and jets are more available for the 32/36, but for a std engine both carbs have the ability to take large enough chokes (which are removable). Have a look at similar size Ford engines (given in a book about weber carbs, I carnt think of the name of it, but its the one covering all the std range)and select the choke sizes based on that and then the jetting. This will get you running, then go to a rolling road as no two engines are the same.  
19/07/2005 12:48:29   neil   So a carb change is a simple bolt on then tune up operation is it? ...he said doubtfully ;-)  
19/07/2005 17:04:30   Richard   You do need to make some linkage mods, You can use the std linkages, but you will need to do a few things. I cut the Vertical linkage in half, cut a thread on both ends and drill and tap a hex bar. I then use a nut to lock the bar at each end, which acts as a length adjustment on the vertical linkage. I then weld or bolt on with two bolts an extension on the swivel bar at the carb end to give different leverage rates and use a threaded linkage with ball joints from that to the carb for more adjustment. I then have two springs that close the throttle.
I then mod a K&N air filter box to accept the breather hose off the rocker. If you carnt weld or braze a gas bulkhead fitting could be used with some loctite.  

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