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18/07/2005 09:23:41   mel   What a FIND!The auction clash's with the National evant!!!
If the auction is on the Saturday,Interest will be comprised by the National and somebody will get a bargain. If it's on the Sunday then prices will go up as people will make the effort to attend.
Sure hope it's the Sunday as I will be there!!!!!  
18/07/2005 10:43:53   Rens   Wow... does any one know who's garage that was?  
18/07/2005 10:46:06   jonny   It is the start of my family holiday but I would really like to go down have emailed to ask how they intend to sell them off, the ad does not state if it is to be an auction or offers. Jonny  
18/07/2005 12:43:18   Richard   Alas I have no more room!! I would Like a two stroke at sometime, but that will have to wait. I might have to get a longnose (easier to get panels) and build it up into a rally car to give John Parker a run for his money.
To be honest I would also have bought Kieron Pattersons car to rally if I had some room, it would be more competitve in the historics.  
18/07/2005 13:19:14   Steve H   Does anyone have the details of when it will take place?

Who fills barns with cars like these? Some of them are quite new so has been adding to the collection until recently.  
18/07/2005 15:10:13   neil   Can't wait to hear the story behind this! Is it a job lot sale or in lots???  
18/07/2005 21:31:55   David   I've emailed the advertiser (as have a few people, I guess!) but no response so far. I suggested that he get them all trailered/transported up to the National as there'll be a far bigger, more knowledgable audience up there.  
19/07/2005 12:45:01   Richard   Sound really usefull. I dont deal with people that mess me about. Is there a starting price? what time does the auction start or even which day? Is it going to be a aution or who make the highest bid over the weekend? Are all the cars going to be there to view?
Personally I would rather buy from a private sale. The last v4 I bought was from a genuine bloke, he told me about the car and history and answered my questions before setting off to see the car. I told him I would be comming with a trailer and cash, if its as described and as good as the photos I would be buying. Everything was as described and the deal was done.
I wouldnt going down to Reading on a possible wild goose chase. It would have been better on a different weekend run by a proper auction house, then at least you would know what the crack is and the cars would be individually documented.  
19/07/2005 13:50:23   jonny   I have had an email to say that it will not be an auction but seeking offers on the cars, I suspect but do not know that the seller perhaps does not have much knowledge of what they have.  
19/07/2005 17:12:45   neil   Makes it even more interesting then!!! (cue vultures circling...)  
20/07/2005 09:09:55   Sean M   You lucky UK buggers you :-)
20/07/2005 16:33:18   Rens   Sean, same here... I ain't gonna drive through the canal for some cars. But if it where here i would be there!  
22/07/2005 09:36:46   neil   The seller sent me an email saying it would be by sealed bid now. Still no clues as to where or if you could see the cars first, whether it's by individual lots or the whole shooting match... bizarre. My guess is that they will turn up at H and H sooner or later.  
22/07/2005 10:26:06   jonny   what is H and H?  
22/07/2005 22:34:09   David   I had an email from the "owner" - the guy who has them on ebay - to say that he's away this wekend but I can go and see them next Friday (29th) if I am free. Trouble is that I'm not due back into Heathrow until 10pm (earliest) that night and may even be spending the weekend in Washington DC if my current assignment goes over into the following week. At least I could then visit the Smithsonian Aviation / Aerospace Museum!! I may still wander over there on the Saturday - only a couple of hours away and I'll be going against all the holiday traffic.  
01/08/2005 15:46:43   neil   Anyone know what happened next?

PS. H and H is a classics auction house that sell at Buxton.  
11/08/2005 14:50:27   jonny   Has anyone heard yet if these cars were sold or what happened?.

11/08/2005 16:46:42   Richard   I dont think the sale went ahead (what a suprise). Maybe not enough people were going to go. I think he/she would be better selling via an advert with some prices for each car or selling via a auction house. The Sonnets and strokes are worth a bit, but V4's and 99's in less that great state are not worth a great deal.  
16/08/2005 21:20:52   David   The sale didn't happen - the seller (one Alan Walker) told me that the local Saab Club got something wrong (maybe they forgot about the National!) and that he's going to sort something out in the future. I suggested that he takes lots of photos and posts them + details on as many websites as possible, then has a viewing and a sealed-bid auction. It's all gone quiet since I last mailed him. Spooky? Dodgy? Don't know what to make of it all.  
17/08/2005 12:43:20   Richard   I have been told guy has been in to Saabs for years, I doubt it was dodgy. I can understand not selling via an ad, as you would have to spend a lot of time with each potential buyer and some might be there for a look and not to buy. I think he would get better money and good homes for the cars that way though.
The other way is a proper auction with reserves set on the cars. A auction done by a professional company will include proper documentation of each sale, they will see to it that it is advertised and the buyer has some rights.
The fact its a bit of a DIY job will put people off.  

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