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20/07/2005 16:29:22   Rens   Hello, Finaly working on the engine... I just need the petronix electronics fitted with a new coil.. and a new carb.

But for the petronix parts the dealer asked me if i had the code on the electrics distrubuter, The code starts with BO 0231 and then 6 other numbers. But offcourse i can't read them!
And he asks if it has a vacuum thingy on it.

If someone knows what i'm talking about please answer so i can buy this stuff and get the saab on the road!  
20/07/2005 16:49:09   Steve B   Rens,
There's an article on this website which references the part number of the Aldon kit which is 1847V.
Does this help identify the Pertronix kit ?
20/07/2005 19:06:04   Rens   Steve thanks but dead end the only info i got whas:
Ignitor suitable for 4 cylinder Bosch distributor Clockwise Rotation - Ford Pinto, Some early Alfa, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche, Saab, VW and Volvo applications

anyone else?  
20/07/2005 20:41:58   Bart   I think you need the Pertronix 1847V set indeed! Rens, are you Dutch? If so, I can sent you an e-mail which I got from eds-classic with information about the pertronix kit for saab v4.

I asked them a while ago for the kit number based on my distributor number which was, in my case, readable. They replied with an e-mail in which they mention the "Pertronix kit 1847V". So Aldon = Pertronix and vice versa? Price around 90 euro...  
20/07/2005 21:39:44   Rens   Hello Bart,

Yes i'm dutch and i wanted to buy the kit at EDS, they gave me a price for about a 100euro for the ignition and another 50 for the coil (bobine).

But if i ask for the petronix 1847V kit i'll get the right one? that would be nice! that and a new coil is all i need  
21/07/2005 08:56:58   Rens   Hey alex, the money ain't the problem this time, Mom and Dad are pikking up this tab! (I had to work hard for it).
But I ordered it today and i'll have it tommorow!!!
the price is 91,79 euro and the bobine 49,13 zo total is 140,92 that ain't to bad...  
21/07/2005 08:57:54   Rens   ow and an extra point is warrenty, i don't want to send it away each time there is something wrong, I just want to communicate about it in dutch :)  
21/07/2005 09:37:28   Bart   Hi Rens,

For your (and other Dutch speaking people) information:


Wij kunnen de door u opgevraagde onderdelen t.b.v. uw, SAAB 96 V4 met een
1700cc, nummer van de Bosch verdeler (rechtsom, 4 cyl.) is
0-231-170-183, voor de hierna volgende prijzen leveren.

Wij denken dat het set 1847V is. Als het niet goed is kan deze set retour. U
mag ook de stroomverdeler naar EDS sturen, Hazeleger 75, 3892WJ te Zeewolde.
Wij monteren uw set Gratis.

-Pertronix Contactloze Elektronische Ontsteking, Set nr. 1847V, Prijs €
Wij adviseren u om ook uw Bobine te vervangen voor een Pertronix met
40.000volt voor optimaal resultaat.
-Pertronix 40.000volt bobine, € 49.13

Bestellen kunt u éénvoudig per e-mail of telefonisch onder nummer
036-5234994. Bij bestelling graag opgaaf van uw volledig adres en hoe u
wenst te betalen (zie voorwaarden). Levertijd is ± 1 dag indien op

Bedankt voor uw aanvraag bij EDS Classic Auto & Motor Parts.

** 2 Jaar “Carry In Garantie” op alle producten van EDS.**

Genoemde prijzen zijn exclusief 19% BTW. De verzendkosten zijn € 10.95 per
order. Indien u vooraf betaald dan zijn
de verzendkosten € 5.48 per order. Valt het te vervoeren goed buiten het TPG
Post Pakket transport dan gelden er afwijkende verzendtarieven. Voor
zendingen buiten Nederland geldt een toeslag. Elke order boven de € 450 en
binnen Nederland is vrij van verzendkosten. Alle wijzigingen voorbehouden

Indien u nog vragen heeft bel of mail ons gerust.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Berry Geul.

Wij streven er naar uw e-mail zo spoedig mogelijk te beantwoorden. Helaas
kan door grote drukte voorkomen dat u wat langer op antwoord moet wachten.
Wij bieden hiervoor onze excuses aan.


EDS Classic Auto & Motor Parts.
World-Wide Supplier for Technical Classic Auto and Motor Parts.
Trade name of:
European Distribution Systems EDS.
Tel.+ 31 (0)36 5234994 Fax.+ 31 (0)36 5234996
21/07/2005 09:59:31   Rens   thx... it's about the same i got!
but did it all work with you bart? did you do it yourself or did you let them do it?

how can i set the timming? that's one thing i've never done before, so tips and how to's are really helpfull.  
21/07/2005 10:24:01   Bart   still haven't ordered it because of some other problems I had to solve first.

Set the timing according to the haynes manual (marker on balanceshaft pulley to 6 degrees on timing cover, check mark distributor etc.) and fine-tune it with a strobe.  
21/07/2005 12:43:25   Alex   140,92+19%+5,48=173,17 but if money is not an issue what am I moaning on then. Anyway, when it comes down to setting the timing it doesn't really matter to get the timing aligned as you don't need to pull the distributor for this. It's only after the building in that the 6º come into sight for the fine tuning. As Bart writes this is best done with a strobe that has a dwell angle meter (in Dutch contacthoekmeter). The dwell angle is determined by the distance between the sensor and the ring with magnets you put on the rotor shaft. The transparent plastic card should approximately give you the required 50º dwell angle. To make things a bit easier, put some white paint on the timing marks at the front plate of the engine and the timing mark on the pulley. All together it shouldn't take more than an hour.  
21/07/2005 18:38:48   Rens   thx, i think it's gonna be hell to figure it all out.. but with the right tools and some time everythings gonna work!  

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