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22/07/2005 09:51:03   neil   Who has what, what sizes, what works, and what doesn't please ( I am thinking road - not ice, desert or swamp!)...  
22/07/2005 11:41:11   Max   I use Hankook K702 165 80R15 on my car. They work fine.
Good roadholding, low noises and they last very long (now for almost 2 years).  
24/07/2005 17:58:31   bill rawles   I'm on Firestone F560 in the standard 155r15. Even with 99bhp they are fine, a bit slippey in the wet if you are 'pressing on' but all the slippeyness is entirely predictable and controlable. I've never tried any other sizes but I have no problems with recommending sticking to standard.  
25/07/2005 09:12:29   neil   Are everyone else's 96's on bricks then??? ;-)  
25/07/2005 09:22:23   Rens   Actualy mine is on bricks at the moment!  
25/07/2005 10:32:17   andy Paterson   Mine isn't on bricks but should be . I have 175 /65 15's and they are rubbish - much too wide for the rims - will be going to either 155's or 165 /70 when I have the cash  
25/07/2005 12:14:58   jonny   I have 155/15 at the moment, I think there has been a low response Neil as this issue has been covered extensively in recent times, I will shortly be fitting 185/16x15 studded mud and snows, as they are already fitted to a set of alloys I am fitting cannot imagine they will work very well but they should look good.  
25/07/2005 12:16:10   mark   I'm on 165/70.never tried bricks though.  
25/07/2005 12:39:24   71 sonett   Vredestein Sprint Classic 155SR15 for my 96 and sonett.  
25/07/2005 12:54:03   Richard   Cammack 165/80 for cheap motoring and good grip, also open tred pattern, so work on loose stuff. You loose a bit of feel over 155.

Bridgestone 390 ? 175/65/15 on footballs for hillclimbing, these seem ok and not too wide for a 175 (width, they all vary even though they should not).  
25/07/2005 21:03:56   John Wood ( "Woody")   Could do with a database of makes and sizes that members use and there relative price. I shall be looking for 165x15 for 4.5" steel wheels. The nearest equivalent I have seen lately is anything for a VW Beetle that has near standard wheels. I used to use Michelin ZX and XZX which were good. 1st V4 came with Firestone Cavallinos back in 70's. They screamed in the dry and were a little twitchy in the wet. The best were Dunlop SP44s and M&S Mk2s. The latter wore down quickly but then that might have been due to the airfields at full chat. Pirelli MS35 were exceptional (Stig won the '71 RAC Rally on them)and Semperit M&S were good also. I shall have look into this further and canvas as many tyre suppliers as possible. Internet searchs have been unrevealing.  
26/07/2005 21:57:26   Alex   Michelin is still doing 165 size. The ones I have on the Sonett tend to sqeel during fast cornering but for the rest these are fine. In days of old (2nd half of the 1980's) I had Uni Royals 165's on the 96. Good grip and not so squeely but I wonder if they are still being made.  
27/07/2005 00:36:46   Alistair   Best grip I ever had was on 185/65s on 4.5" offset steel rims, but when they let go you didn't get much warning. Also meant the rear arches needed a bit of a tug to get some clearance, they wore badly due to excess stress on sidewalls & shoulders on narrow rims, and they tramlined a bit on uneven surfaces.

I've said many times before that on a road car, you don't need more than decent 155s and that's how they handle best IMHO. I hated 165s. The old Mich ZX were good but too hard in the wet for me. Firestone F560s were OK too, and quite cheap.

The MINI Cooper tyres at 175/65 seem a good bet for modern "performance" tyres so long as you have 4.5 or 5" rims - a bit of a squeeze on 4".  
27/07/2005 08:03:45   Richard   Just to correct what I wrote before Bridgestone 391,cost appox 40. Camack has only one 'm' cost 27.
The old mich zx and xzx have very soft side walls, I remember pulling one off a rear wheel going through a corner in the wet when I was 18yrs. Grown up a little since???? Should be fine for normal driving, but expensive to buy.  
01/08/2005 23:54:34   simon   I have been through a range of tyres and makes; Pirelli, Hankook, Firestone, Michelin, Dunlop, Semperit, Federral, Goodyear and ya know what? They all work.
What I have found to work best (for me, on the public highway), regardless of make, is a size of: 165/70/15. A treadwear of 160 - 180 (nice 'n' soft). Changing the tyres before they get anywhere near the legal indicators. While running 4J rims on rear and 4.5J rims on front. On the other cars I get fussy about speed ratings, insisting on 'V' or 'W' but I'm not at all bothered about this on the 96.  
02/08/2005 13:32:08   Steve H   155 Firstone F560 on one. Grippy and predicatble. Economy Polish 155s on the other. Actuallly very little difference. I have had wider tyres on before and they were crap. (made it feel like a tank)
Stick with 155s and learn to slide.  

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