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25/07/2005 12:58:05   Richard   Who is going and in what?

Red std 1972 V4 (Dad's driving this one)
White hillclimb 1973 V4 (the drivers name is the give away)  
25/07/2005 13:38:35   jonny   Scunnerred that I cannot make this  
25/07/2005 17:46:28   mel   Hi Richard, we will be having a small stand there on the saturday, so if anybody wants anything in particular give us a bell as it will save you postage!!!!!
26/07/2005 12:36:05   Richard   Mel make sure you advertise your spares day at the national. I will have a think and ring you if I need anything, cheers.  
27/07/2005 00:40:25   Alistair   I'm going for the Saturday, in the Beige Barge complete with latest collection of ex-insects and 2000 miles of road crud...look for the Hazelnut 9-5 3.0 TiD Vector with odd wheels and a kiddy seat, or young child with harrassed parent!  
28/07/2005 19:44:17   Andrew   I'm going on Saturday in my Beige Beast - a 1972 standard 96. Was shiny until today's downpour!  
29/07/2005 12:57:23   neil   I hope to take Norman (76 Carolina Blue) down mid afternoon tomorrow... sadly, I went a week early and nearly got caught up in a bible convention... ;-)  
02/08/2005 07:05:11   Mel   Anybody go! What did you think of the event?
>My thoughts, I,m going to the Moscovitch national next year, I hear there was more going on!!!!!
>Need your feedback as I am organising a FULL weekend of events for a SAABFEST for June 2006 in central England.
Let me know what you want & what support you are prepared to offer (this will be run as a non profit making event)so all money made (hopefully will cover the event and any left over goes towards next years event)  
02/08/2005 12:21:51   Andrew   It was good to put faces to names from here, and to see other people's cars. On my way back, the Beige Beast got a 'thumbs up' from a passenger in a Maserati - see, they all want a V4 really.
Not the most exciting day out - little to do once you'd looked at all the 2 strokes and V4s (obviously, I didn't look at any others).  
02/08/2005 12:30:11   dhpaul   I went on Saturday in my opal green 96. I go to several local to me car shows and I thought Saturday was fairly typical, once you've wandered around the autojumble, bought a few things, had a good look at other cars, had several chats with people, thats about it. I spent about four hours there and I did enjoy it, although if my wife had come she would have wondered why she had spent almost three hours travelling each way.
This was only my second national, I'd been to Newark in 2003, which seemed more interesting, but I appreciate that was a special year.  
04/08/2005 20:07:21   Alistair   Pretty dull event IMO. No activities, nothing to keep you there after a few hours as mentioned above. Disappointed.  
08/08/2005 17:20:16   Richard   Dull! I managed to enjoy it as I managed to catch up with people I only see a few times a year. I think I met Andrew and my Dad might have met Neil and Norman.
Mel - anything that entertains and gets people to use their car, driving test, small hill trial up a grass banking, demos of cars, trackday (use the SOC/MSA insurance for the tests and the blue book for guidence. If you are doing this kind of thing talk to Dave Barrow, he would probably help sort the competitions out and I would help too).
Maybe an evening drive, I would go for a daft fun treasure hunt with a BBQ or cheap meal at the end.
Maybe a marque that could be used at the evenings and for other stuff in the day.
Video shows of some old Saab related stuff in the day, maybe a technical talk or demo by some specialists.
Stuffed moose competition (ok its a bit like a toby jug comp).  
09/08/2005 16:57:05   Richard   Kids entertainment, bouncy castle, kids games, kids treasure hunt within the event grounds, coconut shire, kick the ball in the net (a board with holes you must get the ball through). Band playing. The local fare has about 6 - 8 different attractions running one after another to a time table and that fills the day up. We had some knights demonstrating fighting etc. Oh see if a local pub could run a bar/beer tent.
09/08/2005 16:59:19   Richard   If you want to contact me you need to stick a 'n' on the end of my name in my email address, a left over from when Alec didnt have such great anti spam control.  

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