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25/07/2005 17:49:34   Highgate   We need more people for the autojumble section!!!! Is any body coming!!!!! Also Graham Macdonald will be in attendance with a selection of no doubt rare spares for your 2t or v4 as will Brian from the Saab Sanctuary.  
26/07/2005 09:06:35   jonny   I will be coming to this as a customer but unlikely to have enough stuff to autojumble is there likely to be any demand for standard stuff from broken cars?  
26/07/2005 12:28:04   Richard   I will see what I have got that I need to get rid of.  
20/08/2005 18:39:14   john wyatt   Is the spares day still going ahead as planned.

24/08/2005 16:32:12   Mel   The Spares day is going ahead (no reason why it shouldn't!!) Graham Macdonald will be in attendance with a load of spares due to his move. other traders will be here, some booters would be nice!!! come on give us a call.  
24/08/2005 16:42:29   Richard   I wouldnt have much to boot, a couple of wheels and some seats etc.  

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