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02/03/2003 20:24:56   Lee   Hello Can anyone avise where I may be able to source a new balance shaft for my 1972 v4 96 and what sort of price it may be  
06/03/2003 12:38:49   Bernie   Hi, I've only had my 96 for a month or so now, but if I were you I'd start by ringing Highgate Saab for a price.  
06/03/2003 13:50:21   Steve H   you can get brand new ones from the old car and parts shop in Munchen. They specialise in Ford Tanus parts which are of course the same and even their receptionist speaks perfect english. Im sure you could find their details if you do a goggle search.

They also do very nice 1700 cranks if you feel the need.  
12/03/2003 09:14:11   Alec   Lee, please let us know how you get on with this. It would be of much interest to other people to be able to source a new balance shaft and bearings. If you get any joy, prices would also be interesting.

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