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26/07/2005 17:12:39   Richard   The mini has several different bores, basically you need the same 5/8 bore. Go to a mini specialist with the faulty item. Make sure the thread is correct for the union. You may also find location pin in a different place, but you can drill the back plate to suit.  
26/07/2005 17:37:52   Stefan   I have brake spares to all models in stock, no need to drill holes or use "similar" cylinders. The mentioned mini and vauxhall victor cylinders are 3/4".
The 5/8" cylinders cost 110 SEK each incl swedish VAT which will be deducted from overseas orders.
/ Stefan, sweden  
27/07/2005 12:57:47   Richard   Mini rear cylinders are 1959-67 5/8, 1967- (I think to the mid 70s) 3/4 and 1/2 after that.
You can tune your rear brakes a bit on the 96 with the cylinders for competition use if you dont have a balance bar (not like its that relevant to this thread).

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