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01/08/2005 10:44:45   simon   Symptoms were stalling at rest and speeding when in gear, uneven running and FAST tickover (to avoid stall).

I had changed: the condensor x2, then electronic ignition, distributor x3, vac advance x2, rotor and cap x3, alternator x2, voltage reg x2, sanity x 5, carbs x3, inlet manifold x3, air box x3.
Obviously checking valves, timing, vacume etc etc at each change of part (or thereabouts).
All of these changes made no differance. Problems transpired to be the swapping of vacume take-off hoses (to rocker & brake servo). What a fooooooool.
Don't get caught out yourselves!
back to happy ---0-o-0--- ing.  
04/08/2005 23:08:05   danny   that was my idea!
Oh yes v4 proble,ms solved here
From exhaust to vacuum i am great.

P.S no real info available but  
05/08/2005 13:19:35   simon   Unquestionable, bountiful greatness but - what?  

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