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01/08/2005 13:12:25   Ian Kington   Hi,
I've just purchased my first Saab 96 which i've wanted for ages. I'm certainly not mechanically minded or pretend to know anything about cars i've just always like them and finally bought one! So i'm looking for a reliable garage to take it for servicing and repairs. I live in the South East in Kent so any help would be much appreciated.
With thanks
02/08/2005 13:44:18   Steve H   One of the big advantages on Saab 96s is that most parts can still readily be found in local car part shops, including Halfords. They just dont know it. Saab when they designed the 96 mainly made aeroplanes so when building a car, just went to the market at bought some standard bits in. This is why some parts have imperial nuts and bolts (british brakes) and some have metric (german engine). The engine is also simple and relativly easy to work on, just dont drop anything. It also makes it a very cheap car to run.  

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